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Join TRN and follow Jimmy Dean Freeman as he takes on the original SIX 100-mile runs in the "Orignial Six Hundo Challenge". #O6HC

Jimmy Dean Freeman's quest for the six original hundres in 13 weeks couldn't be accomplished without mentors like Thomas Green. Jimmy reflects on his race in Vermont and looks ahead to his hometown course of AC100 in this podcast.

Tom has completed more than 175 ultramarathons, including more than 40 races of 100 miles or more.  Tom is best known for being the first person to complete the “Grand Slam” of ultrarunning (the four major 100-mile trail runs in one summer) in 1986.  Tom recently finished WS as he is on his way in 2014 to repeating the Grand Slam 28 years later.

Follow Jimmy's challenge at #O6HC or @CoachJimmyDean or at Socal Coyotes

To read more about JDF's challenge read here: Six Hundos

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