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Performance enhancing drugs in UltraRunning? Well not exactly...but Karl King has come close with S!Caps. Karl's contribution to the trail is legendary: Sodium 341 mg + Potassium 21 mg add heat + elevation, let simmer for a couple hours and you are ready to serve up a great day on the trail. In this podcast Karl shares with us how he developed S!Caps and ways we can use them to improve our trail experience. Thanks Karl King!
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Trail running is full of challenges and solutions. So has helped us prepare part dos in the podcast series: The top ten things every trail runner must know part 2. We talk trying new things on race day, what trailrunners carry in their packs and we even mention yoyos.

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Trail Runner Nation, the Good Doctor is in! Open up and say "Ahhhhhhhh" as sports psychologist and champion athlete Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter evaluates our most powerful organ - our brain; Dr JoAnn teaches us brain calisthenics. She is famous for the statement "The race is in the mind". So let's TRAIN THE BRAIN!!! Dr. JoAnn can be found at for a full resource of training tips for optimal performance.
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We asked TrailRunnerNation to share with us the hidden secrets of the trail. The do's and some of the don'ts and the whats and hows are clarified on this podcast. In the event of a Bonk break open this podcast and apply liberally.

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Ultra-runner James Barstad joins Trail Runner Nation for some UltraTalk. Everyone on this single track trail can hear James loud and clear as we discuss the Beer Mile, shoes, pain and other stuff you will only understand if you are a tail runner. Grab your ear buds and take James for a run. P.S. James likes to run the hills.
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Ever thought you might be able to run with the worlds fastest ultra-runners in a 100 mile foot race? Well try running it with a camera strapped to your back and looking through the lens. Filmmaker and ultra-runner J.B. Benna takes us behind the scenes of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains, home of the Western States 100 and the epic race of 2010 that stretched from Squaw Valley to Auburn California.
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JB Benna and crew strap on cameras and put us up front with the lead runners as they fight for position in the epic event 2010 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Grab some GU and buckle up as JB takes us on a great ride. We review his new film Unbreakable with ultrarunner and sports nutritionist Sunny Blende.
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Jimmy is a distance running coach, motivational speaker and ultra trail runner. He sat down with us to discuss the reality of how you'll feel during an ultra marathon and what to be prepared for mentally as a beginning ultra runner. Ultra veteran Lee McKinley joins the discussion to offer some additional wisdom.
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