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On July 11, 2014, 141 lucky lottery winners will tow the line at one of the most demanding 100-mile endurance runs in the world, the Hardrock 100. This race began as a tribute to the toughest of the tough miners that worked in this high-altitude, picturesque paradise of western Colorado.  Race Director, Dale Garland, joins the Nation to talk about the history and demands of this course.  The course boasts of and average altitude over 11,000 feet, 34,000 feet of ascent and 34,000 feet of descent.  There are 7 summits over 12,000' and 4 summits over 14,000'.  Most runners get to see the sun set twice with the average finish time of 41 hours (cutoff time of 48-hours).  Because of the harsh environment and changeable weather, Dale calls this a race for the "post graduate" ultra runner.

Trail Runner Nation will be in Silverton, CO this year with Petzl (Hardrock sponsor) to provide podcasts with athletes, live updates via social media and video clips of these amazing athletes and the beautiful scenery!.

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Sally McRae pushed her body, mind and spirit to finish F10 at the 2014 Western States 100.  Sally tells her 21 hour 24 minute experience of victory and her lessons learned.






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