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Bob Crowley has been trail running for over 21 years. Josh Katzman for 7 years. Both are members of the massive Trail Animals Running Club - a running club that has grown to exceed over 2500 member in the U.S.A. They join the Nation to discuss trail culture. Are we at risk of losing the unique culture that welcomed us all in? Will the culture change as the sport continues to grow? How can we maintain the culture?
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Learn 4 key elements of race execution with Lee McKinley and Jimmy Dean Freeman
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Dr. Tim Noakes discusses his new book, "Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports"
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Bill Katovsky: In a world that you may not feel in control, you have control to change your body and your fitness
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Bryon Powell is an accomplished runner, placing in the top 10 of Leadville 100 and winning his age group (under 30) at Western States 100. But he is also the Runner-in-Chief of irunfar, a website dedicated to bringing ultrarunners timely news, race coverage and results, gear reviews, running advice and coaching. Irunfar was voted one of Outside Magazines "Top Running Blogs" in 2011 and a premiere web site for all things ultra. Over the years it has grown into an all-star team of runner/writers that share information to our community.
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Is running 100 mile races for everyone? What are you getting into when you open that box to begin training for and racing 100 mile races? What sacrifices will you need to make?
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] STOP: Listen to Part 1 first Meet Jamie Walker, co-founder and president of Fit Approach..  She discusses her experiences at her first 100 mile race: Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run. In Part 1, TRN asks her a dozen questions regarding her expectations, race strategy and preparation.  In Part 2, we review [...]
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Meet Jamie Walker, co-founder and president of Fit Approach..  She is preparing for her first 100 mile endurance run: Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run.  In Part 1, TRN asks her a dozen questions regarding her expectations, race strategy and preparation.  In Part 2, we review these same questions and [...]
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Is your body a Ferrari or an AMC Pacer? Do you want to teach your body to burn more fat for energy? Sunny Blende and Tim Fleming Endurance Performance Training Centers join us to talk about Metabolic Efficiency Training. Sunny takes the test and tries the Metabolic Efficiency Training program and tells about her remarkable successes.
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Join TRN as they break down members responses to the websites Question of the Week, "Whats the best long run advice you have been given" Faith has a mouth full of Novocaine so we can provide a written transcript if necessary.
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After a long summer of conflicting schedules, we finally connect again with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. We talk about: How many miles should your shoes last, post run ice - over rated or under utilized, NSAIDs - what are they and how should you use them and the 10% rule.
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We talk to the Freeman quartet about lessons they learned from their recent running of the Angeles Crest 100.
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Jason Billows is the founder of Thrive Coaching. This coach may tell you to sleep in, skip a workout or go get a massage. He may tell you to step up your intensity and make your workouts count. Jason reminds us time cannot be managed so we must manage our activity.
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Warren Pole knows where the starting line is located. He also knows where the comic line is located, and he proudly steps right over that line with both feet. Here's hoping Warren stays out of bounds because that is where he performs his best work. Thank you Warren Pole for contributing to the podcast and representing Trail Runner Nation.
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Join Katie DeSplinter and Dominic Grossman as we talk about Tapering. You have trained hard, hit your race weight, taken care of all the logistics but their is something you can do to improve your performance by 3.5% and all it takes is kicking back?
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Bill Carr joins us a few weeks after running his first 100 mile run. We talk to Bill about how his training changed to prepare for 100 miles, his expectations, his experiences and how he would do it differently. We also discuss Bill's unorthodox fueling strategy...
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You may be able to finish a marathon with a few GUs, a piece of watermelon and some water, but that probably won't work for a 50K or beyond. WHY? Sunny explains how to fuel and what to eat to help you through your first ultra.
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Scott Jurek is a trail runner, outdoor enthusiast, physical therapist, competitive athlete, chef, vegan and now author. Scott talks to us about his new book, Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness. How does a seven-time Western States 100 winner, three-time Spartathalon winner, two-time Badwater winner... whew, we could go on and on... fuel for success? How did he get into running? How does he train? What is next for Scott? All these questions are answered in a short, informative and entertaining interview. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
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What happens when you leave 3 runners in a room with a few mics. Scott sings his version O' Canada, Don finds his memory is failing faster than his leg turnover and Faith...well as usual, she comes across pretty good.
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TRN joins elite ultrarunner and running coach Carilyn Johnson as we discuss the Art of Pacing. Who knew there was so much to this pacing stuff? Pacers should get a finishers shirt for all the work they put in for a runner.
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The trail doesn't come with directions. Jimmy Dean and Kate Freeman join the regular podcast crew to discuss the do's and don'ts of trail conduct. Tune in and compare your trail manners with the opinions of the TRN podcast team.

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Dr. Cucuzzella prescribes "Speed-play" and warns against "Speed-work." "If it's not fun, I'm not doing it." He has run 19 Boston Marathons, including a 2:37 at the age of 44. Maybe it's time to Speed-play? We cover a lot of ground on this podcast so plug in and hold on.
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Join co-hosts Scott, Jimmy Dean and Don as they provide Faith with some quality race-day strategy for her first 50 mile race, along with great contributions from the Trail Runner Nation community.
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Running Economy? What??? That's right, go faster and farther with less work! Dr Cucuzzella has your prescription. Get ready to hit the pause/rewind button because the Doctor is in and ready to unload some serious information onto Trail Runner Nation!
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SoCal Coyotes Running Team's lead dog and every runner's coach Jimmy Dean Freeman joins us to discuss...well we may have to listen again to know exactly what we discussed! Take this podcast to the trail head and hang out with us as we chat about...stuff.

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Have you ever considered what a coach could do for your Trail Game? Join champion ultra runner and ultraMOM Liza Howard as we discuss the advantages of a coach and how to locate the right one for you. Guess what...Liza Howard has a coach too! Liza can be found at
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Plug in and hang on as we chat with two frontrunners and pry some secrets about their race selection and training. Montrail athlete Erik Skaden and Fleet Feet athlete Mark Lantz slow down long enough for us to pick their brains about what works and what doesn't work.
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Have you ever wondered if running like Forest Gump was good for you? Dr. Marty Hoffman is asking that very question. Our trail doctor, Marty Hoffman has invited the trail running community to participate in an online study that will help answer our questions. We will learn his early predictions as this unique study launches.
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Trail running is full of challenges and solutions. So has helped us prepare part dos in the podcast series: The top ten things every trail runner must know part 2. We talk trying new things on race day, what trailrunners carry in their packs and we even mention yoyos.

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Trail Runner Nation, the Good Doctor is in! Open up and say "Ahhhhhhhh" as sports psychologist and champion athlete Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter evaluates our most powerful organ - our brain; Dr JoAnn teaches us brain calisthenics. She is famous for the statement "The race is in the mind". So let's TRAIN THE BRAIN!!! Dr. JoAnn can be found at for a full resource of training tips for optimal performance.
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We asked TrailRunnerNation to share with us the hidden secrets of the trail. The do's and some of the don'ts and the whats and hows are clarified on this podcast. In the event of a Bonk break open this podcast and apply liberally.

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