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We have a special treat for all those seeking inspiration from the world of endurance sports. Imagine hurtling down treacherous slopes at breakneck speeds, defying gravity, and pushing the limits of human ability. Our guest needs no introduction in the world of alpine racing but might in our tribe - he's the epitome of dedication, grit, and perseverance. With a remarkable 21 World Cup seasons, 3 World Cup victories, and an astounding 11 World Cup podiums, he's a true legend of the slopes. Steven Nyman is a three-time Olympian who has performed at the highest level of alpine skiing's most dangerous discipline - the downhill.  Steven joins us to talk about his physical training, how he mentally approaches races, how to cope with disappointing injuries, and how to come back!  He also talks about the brotherhood that he helped lead on the US Ski Team and the community with downhillers from other countries.

Steven retired this spring.  Check out his final downhill run at Aspen Colorado HERE.  You can find out more about Steven and the coaching events his team leads at American Downhiller.

You can also find him on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER

Did Scott mention that he used to be a skier?😂

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It has been a long time since we have done a drop bag episode.  Andy Jones-Wilkins takes a break from his Crack-A-Brew podcast to compare what is in his drop bag.  

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Have you ever been told, you are heel striking, you shouldn't do that!  You need to land on your forefoot or midfoot!  And after trying, became frustrated and given up?

Today we are going to speak with an expert on gait, balance and stability to understand how you can improve your core balance and stability that then will help you run more efficiently.

Danny Abshire is a veteran running coach and injury expert. He is the cofounder of Newton Running, a startup running shoe manufacturer specializing in shoes that promote an efficient midfoot/forefoot running gait. He has been making advanced footwear for runners and triathletes for more than 20 years.  He wrote the book, Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger, Healthier Running

Be sure to check out his new Active 88 shoes and the AI Imprint customizable insoles

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Are you patient?  Can you find benefits of being more patient?  Returning expert and ultra runner, Dr. Rob Bell. helps us with some strategies that can help us be more patient.  A certified Mental Performance Coach and author of "I Can't Wait to Be Patient (And the Fastest Way to Get There)," Dr. Bell shares his expertise cultivated through years of academic research and practical coaching. Unpacking the essence of patience, he delves into the balance between process and product, emphasizing our inability to control time. Drawing from his book, he unveils four key skills that enrich not only our running endeavors but also our journey towards becoming better individuals. Whether you're a dedicated runner or on a path of personal growth, this episode offers valuable insights to infuse your pursuits with patience and purpose.

Visit Dr. Rob's WEBSITE

Listen to Dr. Rob's Mental Toughness Podcast 

Listen to his previous visits to The Nation:

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This year it seems like course records throughout trail running have been dropping like flies.  UltraRunning Magazine lists hundreds of new records for both men and women on their site.  Some of these records are decades old.  Are we getting faster?  It sure seems like that.  Alex Hutchinson has also been wondering this and decided to do his science thing and find out the truth.  In his recent OutsideOnline article "Why Are Runners Suddenly So Fast? Records are falling and times are dropping.  Is it the shoes, or something else?" he filters through the statistics to answer the question.

Read Alex's other articles at OutsideOnline here

Visit his web site and get his book Endure: Mind Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

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