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Zach Bitter's 402.5  laps around the track at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational held in  Phoenix AZ  in 11 hours, 40 minutes and 55 seconds is enough to capture the New American Record. Keep in mind, the record he broke was his own. 

Zach averaged a 7:00/mile pace.  This remarkable pace includes anytime needed to stop and refuel, gear change, problem solve and anything else that can pop up in 100 miles. 

Join co-hosts Ann Trason and Sally McRae as we talk about fast times, pure running, fat adapted athletes and much more.



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Candice Burt proves that experience and execution are two key ingredients if you want to stand on the podium at the finish line.  

HURT100 is legendary for challenging even the toughest of Ultrarunners.  Candice seems to enjoy the 100 mile distance as long as you add crazy climbs, mud, slick rocks and humidity. 

You can find Candice's blog at   Discover her artwork and poetry. 

Link over to Destination Trail and find Bigfoot 200,  Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 120M and 100K, Bellingham Trail Running Series, Bellingham Trail Marathon and Cle Elum Ridge 25K and 50K





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Brad Kearns was one of the top professional triathletes for nine years.  During that time, he won 30 titles worldwide including an amazing streak of seven victories in a row.  Brad teaches The Nation how he learned the hard way how to train for success.  In his new book with Mark Sisson, "Primal Endurance" they teach us how to 

  • Go faster on less training
  • Lose excess body fat and keep it off
  • Reduce Stress
  • Train Intuitively 
  • Have fun training!

Check out the Primal Endurance Podcast

Learn about the 21-day Transformation

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January is time to review what was accomplished in the previous year and look optimistically into the coming year.  The Nation is joined by Andy Jones-Wilkins, Ian Sharman and Billy Yang to discuss:

1. Top male performance

2. Top female performance

3. Top American story

4. Top European story

5. Biggest Surprise

6. Trends in the sport

7. Predictions for 2016

Make sure you check out Billy's year end retrospective video HERE

Make sure you see all the 2015 ultra running statistics in the upcoming issue of UltraRunning Magazine

On the podcast Ian and Don had a gentleman's disagreement:  Ian accused Don of referencing unreliable DATA to support his erroneous claim that ultrarunning is a shrinking sport.  Ian, on the other hand, sites UltraRunning Magazine as the most reliable warehouse of archived trail data: illustrating a healthy and expanding sport.   After careful review following the podcast, including comparing finishing times between Ian and Don, Ian position clearly won the day. Ultrarunning is a thriving sport. 


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