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Jason Billows is the founder of Thrive Coaching. This coach may tell you to sleep in, skip a workout or go get a massage. He may tell you to step up your intensity and make your workouts count. Jason reminds us time cannot be managed so we must manage our activity.
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Warren Pole knows where the starting line is located. He also knows where the comic line is located, and he proudly steps right over that line with both feet. Here's hoping Warren stays out of bounds because that is where he performs his best work. Thank you Warren Pole for contributing to the podcast and representing Trail Runner Nation.
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Join Katie DeSplinter and Dominic Grossman as we talk about Tapering. You have trained hard, hit your race weight, taken care of all the logistics but their is something you can do to improve your performance by 3.5% and all it takes is kicking back?
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Bill Carr joins us a few weeks after running his first 100 mile run. We talk to Bill about how his training changed to prepare for 100 miles, his expectations, his experiences and how he would do it differently. We also discuss Bill's unorthodox fueling strategy...
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Dr. Steve Gangemi, aka the Sock Doc, joins the NATION again to continue our discussion on his training principles.  This podcast is devoted to part III and part IV: III.  Strength Training – does it help distance runners and how much it enough IV. Training = (working out + daily stress) [...]
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