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Elite runner, Tim Tollefson, had a great spring training and racing leading up to his A-race, the Western States 100 Endurance Run.  His expectations were high and many thought he would be able to best his 2021 fifth place finish.  Tim joins us to shares what he experienced and the lessons he learned. 

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Do you have a hot adventure or race you are preparing for?  Corrine Malcolm helps The Nation understand what we can do to improve our chances for success.

Corrine breaks down these science-based strategies for getting cool before your adventure and staying cool when you are running.

We reference her article from iRunFar she wrote.

Find out how Corrine can become your Coach

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Do you have an adventure or race at high altitude this summer?  You will want to listen to Coach Ian Sharman teach us about the ins and outs of how to adapt most effectively.

Ian has experience at altitude.  He is a four-time winner of the high-altitude Leadville 100 (lowest point is over 9000' and climbing up to 12,532').

We talk about

  • when do you need to consider acclimatization
  • where to train
  • how to train
  • how soon should you be at the event
  • what if you don't have time to spend at altitude

Check out his article "High Altitude Training" in Ultra Running Magazine

Find out more about Sharman Ultra Coaching

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What are the biggest misconceptions that endurance athletes have about nutrition?  Dr. Patrick Davitt, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology and Program Director for Exercise Physiology at the Saint Joseph's University, joins us The Nation to help us understand some important information about nutrition as it relates to endurane sports.  Patrick has practical experience as an avid and accomplished member of our community of trail runners!  Should we taper our nutrition prior to a race?  Can we train our gut similar to our cardiovascular system?

Find out more about Dr. Davitt at CTW Endurance

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One of our favorite topics at TRN is sleep. Sleep is the time our bodies adapt to the training stimulus.  Alexey Guzey, a researcher, writer and co-founder and executive director of New Science joins us to shed more light on this important part of our training.  We cover many topics like:

  • What are the myths of sleep?
  • Why do we sleep?
  • Is it OK to feel sleepy?
  • Should we get as much sleep as our body wants?
  • Can we over sleep?
  • Can we bank sleep?
  • Can we catch up on sleep?
  • Depression and sleep

Check out this past episode about Matthew Walker's book, "Why We Sleep"

Take a look at a couple of Alexey's articles on sleep:

Thesis on Sleep
Alexey's take on Matthew Walker's book, "Why We Sleep"

You can learn more about Alexey at, follow him on twitter or learn more about New Science


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