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Bon Courage is an essential French expression for offering verbal support before or during a difficult task.  Similar to the English, "good luck" but with a twist.  Luck is outside of our control, where courage is something we can control.

Returning Guest,Hillary Gerardi, joins us to discuss her philosophy of building courage with "little c's and BIG "C's".  




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Dr. Gordon Harvey is a Professor of history at Jacksonville State University.  He is also a seasoned ultra runner with dozens of finishes under his belt.  He has a pendant that says, "Memento mori and memento vivere" - Remember that you must die, and remember to live.

Gordon joins The Nation to talk about his recent experience training and running the Pinhoti 100.  This was a race to prove that his first 100-mile finish wan't a "fluke".  But there were obstacles and set backs in his training, including a heart attack and surgery less than one year before the race.  Gordon shares his not-so-unique story with us and helps us understand and cope with the process and the result.

Read more about his Pinhoti 100 journey HERE

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Our first live recording where Nation Members could join the audience and listen while we record & ask any questions they have for Don, Scott and frequent-guest Andy Jones-Wilkins.

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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Ultrarunner and Psychologist, Jill Colangelo, recently published her thesis discussing the relationship of mental health and ultra endurance sports.  Some of you may have even participated in her study!  We discuss how prevalent mental illness is in our sport and how we can balance our passion with healthy living.  You can read her paper HERE.

For more information or to talk with Jill visit her web site.


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