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Warren and Erica Pole, co-founders of 33Shake (no, not a European dance move), join The Nation on their North American adventure tour to educate us on the nutrition industry and introduce us to their revolutionary new gel.

This face to face interview in Studio G to talk about their tour, how 33 shake can help your performance, and some of their experience on the tour thus far.


Follow the tour HERE and the latest from 33 Shake on social sites: Facebook and Twitter

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Every runner has a mentor.  Dan Williams is a mentor for more people than he realizes.  Imagine your training partner is Ann Trason, as you work through strategies to negotiate a 100 Miles through heat, hills and miscellaneous chaos. After countless miles, mishaps and success you end up with some serious trail knowledge.  

Now imagine sitting down and talking to them.  One wearing a 2000 mile silver buckle and the other, owner of a a-one-of-a-kind 1000 Mile silver buckle converted by WS into a bracelet.  Dan and Ann drop some of this knowledge on this podcast.  This is one for the archives.  Thank you Dan and Ann!  

Special co-hosts Sally McRae and Ann Thilges

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We start with the premise, "There must be more to this, it can't be just exercise."  We hear takes from guests Ann, Zach, Mike and Karis.

We love to run.  What else do we love about our sport?


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