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Davy Crockett, the host of the podcast, "Ultrarunning History" joins us to help us understand our community‚Äôs history and helps us better understand our tribe's culture. 

Davy has run over 100 100-mile finishes since starting in 2004.  He is a race director of the Pony Express Trail 50 and 100 in Utah and was recently named Director of the American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame.

You can learn more about Davy and his many works at 

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Are you new to trail or ultra running? Are you interested in testing the a new distance?  Krissy Moehl wrote the book that can help you. We talk with Krissy about her updated second edition of the book and how it can help you become a better runner. We mentioned a video of Roch Horton talking about the Kroker's Canteen aid station at Hardrock 100

Learn more about Krissy, preorder her book and consider her coaching services HERE 

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Are you looking to begin running?  Are you having trouble with consistent running?  Are you wanting to take your running to a new level?  This episode will help.

Adam Kimble recommended the James Clear Book, Atomic Habits, to us a few months ago.  We read it and realized there are many tools in this book that can help us develop habits that will propel us to becoming better runners.  

Here is the episode where Adam introduced us to the book: EP 541: Improving Performance Through the Aggregation of Marginal Gains

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In 2022, we will be doing a monthly episode focused on Training Principles.  In this episode, we start with the principle of Quality Training.

We have invited four experts to give their take on quality training:

Sally McRae: strength training = injury prevention
Sally's Web site

Patrick Reagan: disciplined recovery runs
Patrick's coaching site

Adam Kimble: variety
Adam's coaching site

Ian Sharman: have a purpose
Ian's coaching site

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