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Jet-setting Anna Frost joins us from New Zealand to talk with the Nation about running around the world.
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We talk to Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Steven Gangemi about what they learned in 2012.
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Ashley Walsh, a multi-100 mile finisher, free-lance writer, and tough chick, talks about how to become tougher, can you lose your toughness, how to train yourself to be tougher, etc.
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Anna Hughes, ultra runner from Germany, mother of two and full-time employee talks to us about how important mental training is to ultra running. By training your mind, it is proven, your performance will increase.  Anna discusses what has worked for her in her running career. Anna is the creator of, [...]
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Jimmy Dean Freeman Runs the Lake Tahoe Marathon Super Triple   He shows up to run 3 marathons in 3 days.  How did 3 marathons  turn into 124.6 miles ?  We bring JDF in studio to tell his story and  to help tune him up  as he is  the featured  Motivational Speaker at the [...]
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Frank Lieberman is living proof that It Has Nothing To Do With Age. At 60 he decided to ride Tevis Cup, a 100 mile horse race through the rugged Sierra Mountains. At 62 he ditches the horse and puts on a pair of running shoes and makes the same trip. At 68 he took 1st place at the Swanton Pacific 100 mile Ride and Tie event. He shares with us that Father Time lives in our mind and not in our heart.
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Mike Morton, age 40, seems to be one of the top ultra runners lately. But some of you may be thinking his name sounds familiar. You’re right. Mike Morton, at the age of 25, was the first place finisher and set a new course record at Western States in 1997 but somewhat mysteriously disappeared from the ultra scene soon afterward. Where did he go? Faith, Don and Scott were honored to speak with Mike shortly after his record-breaking Umstead 100 mile race about his "sudden" comeback, his selfless service to his country and his super-human speed that has been bottled up.
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We have the chance to ask National Best Selling author and trail runner Christopher McDougall, "Why are we Born To Run?" Christopher doesn't stop with the WHY - he throws in some WHAT and HOW too. We discuss some of his "Aha" moments writing his book Born To Run. Grab some chia seeds and join us.
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Shannon is an ultra-runner, ultra-mother and ultra-CEO for a trail favorite - Moeben Sportswear. She seems to take each challenge to the extreme. Join us as we chat with her the night before what she calls "A leisurely 50 mile race". Maybe this sport is all in our minds?
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With over 150 ultra marathons under their fuel belts, we join John Nichols and Lee McKinley to discuss race strategy. Compare your race strategy with the experience of the veteran runners. John's entertaining race report from WS100 is available under the podcast found at
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Ultra-runner James Barstad joins Trail Runner Nation for some UltraTalk. Everyone on this single track trail can hear James loud and clear as we discuss the Beer Mile, shoes, pain and other stuff you will only understand if you are a tail runner. Grab your ear buds and take James for a run. P.S. James likes to run the hills.
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Jimmy is a distance running coach, motivational speaker and ultra trail runner. He sat down with us to discuss the reality of how you'll feel during an ultra marathon and what to be prepared for mentally as a beginning ultra runner. Ultra veteran Lee McKinley joins the discussion to offer some additional wisdom.
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