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We all know that feeling when running starts to feel like a chore rather than a passion. But fear not, because Coach Patrick Reagan is here to share his personal journey of rediscovering his running mojo and provide expert advice on how you can do the same.

Patrick will be sharing his insights into the power of play, the importance of community, and strategies for setting new goals and overcoming setbacks. We'll explore the holistic approach he takes with his clients to reignite their motivation and bring the joy back into their running.

Have you been struggling to find your running mojo or feel like you're in a running rut, this episode is for you. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to reignite that passion for hitting the trails.

Find out more about Patrick and his coaching services at his web site.  

Also check out Patrick's new podcast, the Ultra Wizard Ramble on YouTube.

We mentioned one of Patrick's other hobbies, music.  Stay tuned at the end of the podcast to hear him play.  We also mentioned a past fun episode with Dr. Phil Maffetone, where we hit record with the plan of talking about fitness, but ended up talking about music.  HERE is the link.

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This coming weekend is the 50th anniversary of the one of the most legendary ultramarathons in the world - the Western States 100.

As we have done almost every year, we are joined by our good friend, Andy Jones-Wilkins, to review some of the names and stories of the 381 racers that will be running in 2023.

For half a century, this race has tested the limits of human endurance, attracting elite runners from around the globe who crave the ultimate challenge.

Over 80% of these racers have never run the race before.  We'll dive into the profiles of some of the top athletes who are expected to battle it out on the trails. From the seasoned veterans who have conquered this race before to the rising stars who are hungry for their moment of glory, we'll analyze their strengths, strategies, and previous performances to forecast who might emerge victorious in this landmark anniversary edition.

But it's not just about the winners; the Western States 100 is a tapestry of captivating stories. We'll uncover tales of courage, resilience, and the sheer human spirit that propel runners through the intense physical and mental challenges they face on this arduous course. 

You can follow along on the live broadcast or the live splits and results


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Frosty, Anna Frost, a trail running icon who has conquered the most challenging trails while inspiring countless runners along the way.

In this episode we delve into a topic that is very close to her heart - maintaining a relationship with running as life takes unexpected turns. From her days as an elite pro trail runner to embracing the joys and challenges of motherhood, and now as a successful business owner, Anna has navigated these trails with grace and determination, keeping nature and trail running as a core part of her existence.  However it was not without challenges.  She shares the obstacles she faced and the beautiful solutions she discovered to help you navigate your own life trails without succumbing to injury or burnout.

Join Anna on one of her many adventures around the world at Trail Run Adventures.  This week they are in Madeira.  In July they have trips to Chamonix, Silverton and Norway!

Also check out the New Zealand Black Currant supplement that Anna talked about CurraNZ.  Get 20% off with code TRN20!

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Dr. Joe Uhan, a renowned physical therapist, board-certified orthopedic specialist, functional manual therapist, and USATF Level 2 coach. Oh, and did I mention he's an accomplished runner too?

He's here to share his unique perspective on the iconic Western States 100, a race that he has not only experienced firsthand but has an intriguing take on. Today, we'll be discussing why many have referred to Western States as a "killing machine," and more importantly, how to tame or silence this relentless beast. We reference the great two-part article Joe wrote at iRunFar nine years ago:

But don't worry if you're not one of the lucky 381 runners who will be tackling Western States this year. Our conversation will offer valuable principles that can help you in your own runs and races, no matter the distance or terrain.

How to Silence the Killing Machine:

  • Step 1: Prepare to Problem Solve
  • Step 2: The Mental Taper
  • Step 3: Turning Inward
  • Step 4: Presence and Perspective
  • Step 5: Don't. Panic.
  • Step 6: The Will to Finish Trumps All
  • Step 7: Like a Marble in the Groove

Learn more about how Joe can help you with gait analysis, coaching, or therapy visit

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Regardless of your age, all of us are getting older.  Do nutritional needs change as we age? 

As trail runners, we know the incredible impact that nutrition can have on our performance. But as we age, our bodies undergo changes that require a more strategic and mindful approach to fueling ourselves for the long run. That's why, in this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of longevity nutrition strategies, focusing on those specifically designed for the aging athlete.  Returning TRN friend, Bob Seebohar, helps us uncover some strategies.

Here is the link to the study Bob mentions about Daily Energy Expenditure Through the Human Life Course

Bob developed the groundbreaking Metabolic Efficiency training approach, which helps athletes to optimize their nutrition and fueling strategies to achieve their performance goals. He has also authored several books on sports nutrition, including "Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes" and "Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat".

Bob Seebohar is a board certified specialist in sports dietetics, exercise physiology, and an NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach.  He is also the sports dietitian for the University of Denver women's gymnastic team and the University of Denver Athletics Department.

If you want to learn more about Bob and his services including his books, articles, coaching services, nutrition and more, visit ENRGPERFORMANCE.  He is also the co-host of the podcast Inside Sports Nutrition with Dina Griffin.

Check out the tasty healthy snacks he invented at All-Around Snack Company.

He has been on TRN a couple other times including these great episodes:

EP 517: Eat to Train 
EP 598: Intermittent Fasting- Will it Help or Hinder our Performance? 
EP 612: The Science of Creatine and Brain Function for Athletes

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