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To reach your athletic potential, Dr. Phil Maffetone shares the secret ingredient is in the kitchen.  Nutrition is the foundation for performance and recovery.   We open his Big Red Book and ask the author to connect his content to the trail.  We discuss protein, fats and carbohydrates as we literally sit at the kitchen table with Dr. Maffetone. 

Closing Song by Dr. Phil Maffetone   Title Rosemary

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Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman:  BADWATER: Salton Sea Report

Join Ashey and Jimmy Dean Freeman as they share their adventure at the inagural Salon Sea Ultramarathon.  Heat, rain, wind, COLD, 81 miles and 9,000 feet of climbing can make for an interesting race.  What can make it more interesting?  This is a team sport.  Grab three of your closest running partners, strap on the same bib number and run together. This is NOT a relay. 

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Terry Orsi, aka Barefoot Terry, recently completed his first 50 mile event.  We talk to Terry about how he began running barefoot, why he advocates barefoot running and how he keeps his feet "smooth as a baby's bottom".

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Bob Crowley has been trail running for over 21 years. Josh Katzman for 7 years. Both are members of the massive Trail Animals Running Club - a running club that has grown to exceed over 2500 member in the U.S.A. They join the Nation to discuss trail culture. Are we at risk of losing the unique culture that welcomed us all in? Will the culture change as the sport continues to grow? How can we maintain the culture?
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Duncan Callahan lives and trains at over 7000' altitude in beautiful Colorado. He has finished in the top 10 in the last 33 races winning the prestigious Leadville Trail 100 twice! Duncan joins us to talk about: Training and racing at altitude How to mentally execute a race How making a peanut butter sandwich is similar to racing "Be the 4th Quarter guy" Cardiac Drift How to enjoy the process of transformation Learning how to balance life, work, family and running.
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