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Runner, coach, certified nutritionist and author Matt Fitzgerald teams up with the coach of the Hoka Northern Arizona Elite team, Ben Rosario, to help us understand how the pros run.  In their new book, they help us understand that we can reach our potential if we include some of these training techniques and strategies.

Matt has been on TRN ten previous times including the episode we referenced, How Bad Do you Want It?

Find out more about Matt and coaching at 

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We've all heard the saying, "Ultra running is 90% mental and the rest is in your head". Addie Bracy a sports and performance phychologist rejoins The Nation to dive deep into this oft-times neglected part of our training.  We discuss mental toughness and how it correlates to performance, mental distractions, and how to get into the "zone".

Check out her book, book, Mental Training for Ultrarunning: Your Psychological Skills for Ultra Success

Visit her mental performance page at Strive Mental Performance

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Trails can be intimidating with varying technical challenges.  Four coaches from Sharman Ultra Coaching help us understand these challenges and give us some tips on how to feel more comfortable.

Ian Sharman, Liza Howard, Hillary Allen and Addie Bracy  are all excellent technical trail runners and share their knowledge with us.

Learn more about mental training at Addie's web site:

or her new book, Mental Training for Ultrarunning: Your Psychological Skills for Ultra Success

FInd out more about Hillary Allen HERE

Find out more about Liza Howard HERE

Check out Liza's great camp for veterans and their families HERE

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Hillary Allen was on the top of her sport, Skyrunning, when she fell 150 feet off an exposed ridge, breaking two ribs, fracturing her back, ruptuing a ligament in her foot and breaking both wrists.  She joins The Nation to discuss the mindset of injury recovery, why having a support system matters, and the importance of balance in athletics. LINK to her Tedx CU talk

LINK to Hillary's web site

Get her Book, Out and Back: A Runner's Story of Survival Against All Odds

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