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We join Ultralegend Tim Twietmeyer and Ultrarunner/Race Director Craig Thornley as we discuss the "Rules of the Trail"  Who knew there are 18 rules for running Western States 100?  Apparently each rule is a result of a circumstance that actually happened happened during the race. 

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In the Northern Hemisphere, we are now approaching the heat of the summer.  Make sure you prepare yourself by listening and learning from a couple people that really know how to train for heat.  Jimmy Dean FreemanSoCal Coyotes joins us with his friend Danny Westergaard.  Danny has run Badwater 6 times and done a triple crossing of Badwater (875 miles).  In seven years, Danny has crossed the Death Valley 16 times!

  • How long should it take to become aclimated?
  • What strategies work best?
  • What advantages will you have if aclimated?
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Ian Torrence has a deep resume of trail ultras:

  • Finished over 170 ultras and has won over 50!  
  • In 1999, he finished 16 ultras and 1 marathon and won 12.  
  • In 2002, he completed the Grand Slam of Ultras
  • 18 JFK finishes including 11 top ten finishes

He currently resides in the trail running mecca of Flagstaff, AZ where he trains and coaches for McMillan Running as their ultra-marathon coach.  Ian talks to us about his experiences and how his body and training has changed over time, how he has adjusted his training to continue to race successfully and tips he feels will help you build a bonk proof body.

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Gary Avery said, "Optimal Stress + Optimal Rest = Optimal Progress"

Greg joins us from McMillan Running, an online resource / coaching for runners, to discuss how important REST is in our training.  He explains why "the most difficult situation is to be the fittest spectator at a race".  In a recent Runner's World article, "Give it a Rest", Greg explains how better we perform when we incorporate rest into our training schedules: rest during our weekly program and after a race.

Closing Song: "Feeling Way Too Damn Good" by Nickleback.

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