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Join us on this episode as we delve into the world of endurance training and racing with the legendary Dr. Phil Maffetone, one of the most influential figures in endurance sports.

Christopher McDougall, acclaimed trail runner and author, hails Dr. Maffetone as the ultimate source of clarity and wisdom in the field.

Mark Allen, the six-time winner of the Hawaiian Ironman, sets the stage for an unparalleled level of athletic performance that awaits you.

Dr. Maffetone's groundbreaking book, "The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing," spanning 509 pages, serves as our focal point for this conversation. Learn how these endurance training methods have propelled countless athletes to achieve their highest potential.

Be sure to explore Dr. Maffetone's website, a treasure trove of invaluable information for athletes seeking optimal performance.

During the podcast, we highlight the 5-Minute Power Break, a technique that utilizes respiratory bio-feedback. For a quick demonstration, check out the 6:19 video we mentioned.

Discover how to calculate your own Maximum Aerobic Training Heart Rate, a crucial metric for optimizing your training sessions and reaching peak fitness.

Remember to subscribe and leave us a review to support the show. Lace up your trail shoes and get ready for an enlightening journey into the world of endurance training with Dr. Phil Maffetone!

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Are you ready to take your running game to the next level? Whether you're gearing up for marathons, ultra-races, or simply looking to improve your endurance, this is the episode you don't want to miss. In this special rerun edition from two years ago, we dive into the valuable insights shared by the renowned runner and coach, Andy Jones-Wilkins. Get ready as we explore the seven simple yet powerful rules that can transform your long runs from good to extraordinary. But hold on, these rules are just the beginning! We'll be sure to follow up with more episodes to keep you on track for success. So, lace up your shoes, tune in, and let's embark on the journey towards long run excellence!

  1. Don’t run a single hill (the definition of a hill varies by fitness level)
  2. Run all downs, (unless the hill taxes the knees, quads, or risk a fall)
  3. Start early with a purposeful walk/run rhythm.  Keep the body fresh, do not put yourself in a catch up position.   EVERY time you shift from a run to a walk, use this mantra, “Walk with purpose!”   Walking with a purpose is effective and a strategy.  
  4. Manage the aidstations, show up with a plan. Let a volunteer fill your hydration. Next, take care of your gear and medical.  Select your fuel, eat it as you walk out.  (No loitering). You cover an enormous amount of ground when you purposefully walk.  
  5. Monitor anything that feels slightly off; calories, hydration, electrolytes, salt on face, salt on shirt, color of urine, cramping, stomach, apply lube to anything hot (chaffage) and listen to negative mental chatter.  Negative chatter is your body’s way of telling you that you need to change something, if you push through the early warning sign, catastrophe is around the corner.
  6. Give yourself permission to back off your effort and recapture anything that isn’t working or needs correcting. Most issues can be solved by backing off the pace.  Give it time and you can return to your gameplan.  SCOTT has a story for this one
  7. Trust your math.  Stay with your plan.  Worrying requires energy.  You need that energy to finish the run (Do all the math before the run) and share it with your crew/pacer.

Don’s video from Moab 240 we mentioned

Check out Andy's new podcast, currently in season 2: "Crack a Brew with AJW".
Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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We are thrilled to have our dear friend and returning guest, Patrick Reagan, joining us once again. With over a decade of experience as an elite athlete and coach, Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge to our conversation. Accompanying him is his remarkable athlete, Lotti Brinks, who has been setting the trail running world on fire this year. Lotti's incredible achievements include podium finishes at renowned races like the Javelina Jundred (1st GP, 2nd overall), Bandera 50k, Gorge Waterfalls 100k, and Tillamook Burn 50m. Together, Patrick and Lotti will take us on a captivating journey of their coach-athlete dynamic and share the insights and experiences that have fueled Lotti's extraordinary success.

In this episode, we will dive deep into the coach athlete relationship, exploring the fun factor of running, the winning perspective, and the delicate balance between expectations and wants when it comes to hiring a coach.

Patrick will share his expertise and insights on how having a coach can not only enhance your performance but also bring the fun back into your training. We'll discuss the importance of maintaining a winning perspective and how a coach can help you develop a mindset that pushes you to achieve your best.

We'll also address the common question of expectations versus wants when considering a coach. Are you looking for someone to guide you towards your desired outcomes, or are you seeking a coach who can help you discover and exceed your own expectations? Patrick and his athlete will shed light on this topic and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

So, lace up your trail running shoes, get ready for an insightful conversation, and let's embark on a journey that explores the joy, winning mindset, and aligning expectations with desires in the coach athlete relationship. 

Check out 
- Patrick's web site
- Lotti and her husband's knife shop: Amelio Knives


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In this episode, we're joined by three incredible coaches - Ian SharmanDr. Joe Uhan, and Dr. Matt Laye, as well as our very own ChatGPT, a powerful language model that uses AI to provide insights and answers to our burning questions.

Together, we'll tackle some of the most common running myths and misconceptions that are often heard in the trail running community. From wearing a mask to simulate high altitude to carb-loading and hydration, we'll be covering a wide range of topics to help you separate fact from fiction.

Ian Sharman, Joe Uhan, and Dr. Matt Laye are all experienced athletes and coaches with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of running, and they'll be sharing their insights and personal experiences to help you make informed decisions about your training and racing.  We will have them critique answers to common running myths as generated by the AI engine, ChatGPT.

So, join us as we delve into the world of running myths and learn how to become a smarter, more informed runner. Tune in to this episode of Trail Runner Nation and be sure to let us know what you think!

Check out Ian and Dr. Matt at Sharman Ultra

Check out Dr. Joe at Uhan Performance

Check out Dr. Matt at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine

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