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When Andy Jones-Wilkins isn't pouring cold brew in his Taproom, you can find him at the highest profile races.  Recently returning from 2015 WS100 and Hardrock 100 he shares his trail side insight of the strongest runners in our sport including; Magda BouletRob KrarKilian Jornet and Anna Frost.   

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Even if you are less than 50 years old, you will find this podcast very educational.  Joe Friel is an endurance sports coach that has worked with athletes of varying levels up to elites.  He holds a masters degree in exercise science, is a USA Triathalon and USA Cycling certified coach that has written fourteen books on endurance including the subject of our podcast, "Faster After 50, How to Race Strong For the Rest of Your Life".  He is also the founder of Training Peaks, a web-based software company focused on endurance training.

We focus on

  • What are the endurance myths of growing older?
  • What actually happens to our body as we get older?
  • How can we mitigate these factors and train smarter to optimize endurance performance and slow Father Time?
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Sally Edwards is best-selling author, entrepreneur, professional triathlete, professional speaker, and iPhone app developer.  She was a pioneer in the inception of ultramarathoning, finishing in the top 3 at Western States 100.  She co-founded Fleet Feet Sports running franchise and the American River 50 mile Endurance Run.

Ultrarunning Magazine recently re-published an article that Sally wrote in 1983, "Ultramarathoning  - A dying Sport".  We invited Sally to Studio G to take a retrospective look at the sport and where it has come.

Sally is passionate about getting people healthy and moving.  Her recent venture is Heart Zones, a fitness technology and education company that uses smart devices with the vision to get America fit.

upbeatDownload the Upbeat App  an app that matches your music to your cadence.

HOMEWORK: We touched on a book that Sally wrote, "Be a Better Runner: Real World, Scientifically-proven Training Techniques that Will Dramatically Improve Your Speed, Endurance, and Injury Resistance".  She has promised to come back and discuss the gold nuggets with The Nation.


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