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Welcome to today's episode, where we explore an exhilarating topic that's been gaining traction within the endurance sports community: the fascinating role of ketones in enhancing athletic performance. Ketones, a type of fuel utilized by the body when glucose levels are low, have proven to offer numerous benefits for endurance athletes, including increased energy, improved performance, reduced fatigue, faster recovery, and enhanced mental cognition.

In this episode, we'll delve into the science behind obtaining ketones through two primary channels: a ketogenic diet and ketone supplements. While both are valuable, we'll focus on the newer option for our sport: supplemental ketones. These provide a convenient and effective way for endurance athletes to boost their performance with exogenous ketones.

But what exactly are exogenous ketones, and how can they benefit trail runners? Join us as we delve deep into the science and practical applications of incorporating ketones into your training and racing routine.

We're excited to be joined by a leading expert in the field, Mike Brandt, the CEO and Co-founder of H.V.M.N. (Health Via Modern Nutrition). With his expertise, we'll explore the potential advantages of exogenous ketones, the best timing and dosing strategies, and any potential drawbacks or limitations in their usage.

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Michael Brandt is co-founder and CEO of H.V.M.N. He's an avid triathlete and marathoner (2:42 PR). Prior to starting H.V.M.N., he received his BS in Computer Science & Design at Stanford, was a Product Manager at Google, and Adjunct Professor at the Academy of Art in SF. He has always been a leader, and lifelong student, of designing products around new technologies and emerging needs.

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Good friend, Dr. Phil Maffetone, joins us again to help us understand how important music can be to improve the neuroplasticity of your brain and enter the alpha state.  What does this mean for an endurance runner?  Dr. Maffetone explains why you should care!

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We have a truly captivating show lined up for you today, as we dive deep into the world of metabolism and how it affects our health, fitness, and athletic performance.

Joining us today is a true expert in this field. Angelo Poli, a renowned coach and metabolic guru who has worked with a diverse range of individuals, from top athletes like Quarterback Aaron Rodgers to busy CEOs and dedicated moms.

Angelo has developed a groundbreaking methodology that helps people understand their unique metabolic profiles. By gaining this understanding, individuals can then tailor their nutrition and training plans to optimize their health, fitness, and overall performance.

Watch this video to learn more

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We are thrilled to have Tom Evans, the newly crowned champion of the 50th running of the Western States 100, with us today. Tom, an adidas TERREX athlete and ultrarunner, has just achieved an incredible feat, finishing the race in a remarkable time of 14 hours, 40 minutes, and 22 seconds. Not only did he secure the victory, but he also recorded the 4th fastest time ever in the history of the Western States Endurance Run. Tom's achievements are nothing short of remarkable, and we can't wait to dive deep into his journey. Join us as we uncover his secrets to success, his recent ultramarathon triumphs, and his upcoming trail running footwear collaboration with adidas TERREX. 

Check out his WS100 win documentary, Buckle Up: Tom Evans' Trail Running Journey to WSER

Follow Tom on his Instagram or Twitter channels

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