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Get out your heart rate monitors! After two pretty technical, mind-blowing podcasts, we lighten things up with a nice discussion with Dr. Steve Gangemi, the Sock Doc about endurance sports and sex.
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We talk to Jay about What is the right shoe for you? How many pairs should you have? His book that teaches us how to pre-screen your injury and find out the cause of the injury Rethink how you spend your training time-budget: by adding gym / strength training Should we do running drills or exercises that can help our form? What can you do new in your training that will give variety?
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Dr. Tim Noakes discusses his new book, "Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports"
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John Burkett interviews runners from all walks of life and discovers that there are as many reasons WHY we run as there are people, come common threads that exist with all runners and that our reasons change with the different seasons of life.
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