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The Nation goes rogue and kicks it game show style.  We adapt the 1970's game show, "100,000 Pyramid" to create a trail running version.  Join Andy Jones-Wilkins, Carilyn Johnson, Warren Pole and Sally McRae as they go head to head giving and guessing trail running lingo.  We may have pulled some laughing muscles on this one.

You can also watch the video of the game show HERE.

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Your watch timer goes off.  It is time for another Salt Cap.  You come into an aid station and you are covered with a salty brine on your forehead.  It's time for some potatoes and salt.   How important is that salt in your training and racing?

Andy DuBois, one of Australia's top endurance coaches, joins The Nation to discuss Salt.  Andy is an accomplished elite endurance athlete including a top finish at UTMB and other wins.  He has a pedigree of certifications and is always on the cutting edge of research and coaching.

We talk about

  • Is there a correlation between cramping and low salt consumption?
  • What is important in monitoring salt levels?
  • What to worry about if we consume too much salt?
  • The placebo affect?
  • Will rinsing your mouth with a brine solution do anything?
  • What can we do to avoid cramping?
  • How to cool your body
  • How important is plyometrics in training?

Here is a link to our interview with Tim Noakes on his new book Waterlogged

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Internationally recognized sports psychology and coach, Dr. Jim Taylor, joins The Nation to discuss his recent four-part blog series of the Fear of Failure.  We discuss the most common fears of failure:

  • They will disappoint parents
  • friends will no longer like them
  • will be ostracized by their peer group
  • will experience embarrassment or shame
  • will be worthless people
  • all their efforts will be a waste of time
  • will experience the devastation of not achieving their goals.

He then explains how we can break out of these fears to reach "total success".

This is the second time Dr. Taylor has joined The Nation.  Here is his first podcast on how to deal with pain in an endurance event.

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Amy Albu is an ultra verteran.  Despite her youthful age, Amy has been running for 21 years and has 16 Mountain Masochist finishes to her name, including a recent 4th place in 2015.  She is also the women's leader in the Beast Series and one race away from setting a new women's record.

It is hard to believe, but in February 2014, she snapped her lower leg and ankle during a race.  We talk to Amy about her injury, surgery, recovery and return to running at an elite level.

Andy Jones-Wilkins is the executive producer and Tap Room host for this podcast.  He compares his diagnosed end-stage arthritis and current recovery from hip socket resurfacing surgery.

Need a good orthopedist?  Try AJW's Doc, Dr. Thomas Gross of Midlands Orthopaedic

Need a good Physical Therapist? Try AJW and Amy's PT, Eric Magrum at HealthSouth Sports Medicine and Rehab at the University of Virginia.

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December means a lot of things, for Ultra Runners it is the Lottery Season.  WS, Leadville, Hardrock and others.

With 3.515 people in the drawing and  nearly 250 slots open  Jimmy Dean throws a twist and challenges us to come up with reasons why we should be pleased if we miss  getting our ticket pulled.

Join WS runners Jennifer Benna, Katie Desplinter and Billy Yang as we wrestle this topic.

Jennifer Benna's Blog and the home of the film centered around the 2010 WS100 and the amazing race finish here at Journey Films 

Katie DeSplinter Blog here at Breaking & Excellent Points

Billy Yang Films .  You can find his Western Time film covering Sally McRae's attempt to land a top 10 finish.

Billy Yang's Film - From Squaw to Auburn the story of Billy's 2015 Western States 100 #WinADateWithBillyYang

Jimmy Dean Freeman, TRN SoCal Correspondent, Coach and lead Dog at So Cal Coyotes RunningJimmy Dean Freeman's Inspired Running Blog


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