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Terry Orsi, aka Barefoot Terry, recently completed his first 50 mile event.  We talk to Terry about how he began running barefoot, why he advocates barefoot running and how he keeps his feet "smooth as a baby's bottom".

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At TRN we have produced a number of megabytes talking about the benefits of forefoot striking. We have invited author of the book Tread Lightly: Form, Footwear, and the Quest for Injury-Free Running, Dr. Peter Larson, to the podcast. He has recently been conducting research on the biomechanics of distance running in road races with his undergraduate students. Heel strikers unite, you no longer have to run at night under the cover of darkness to hide your running gait.
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Dr. Steven Gangemi, aka the Sock Doc, joins the TRN podcast crew to discuss the training benefits of heavy breathing. Aerobic vs Anaerobic Training is a hot topic in the endurance community. How much, when, and why are questions we present to the doc. What follows is a great conversation and in the end we all learn a ton. Even Dr. Gangemi, who learns that the podcast crew has a lot to learn!

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Dr. Gangemi, AKA The Sock Doc, joins us as we discuss shoes, orthotics, ice, stretching and more. The Sock Doc is an accomplished athlete and an expert in soft tissue management and body mechanics. Sounds like a guy we would like to take on a run.

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You may never lace up a pair of shoes the same after you listen to this podcast. Disclaimer: This podcast may be hazardous to the health of your traditional running shoe, orthotics and even your socks. Runners proceed with extreme caution.
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