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Dr. Phil Maffetone helps us understand the difference about over-weight and over-fat.  We discuss why is so difficult to lose weight because our understandings may be in error.

If we lose excess fat, we will become healthier and more efficient runners.

Book: Overfat Pandemic - Exposing the problems and its simple solution for everyone who needs to eliminate excess body fat 

Article: "Six Reasons Weight-Loss is so Darn Difficult"

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Ellie Greenwood elaborates on a few recent articles she wrote in Ultrarunning Magazine:

Reigniting Your Passion, November 2018

Finding Gratitude in Slower Times, September 2019

Band of Runners, November 2019

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Matt Fitzgerald (sports nutritionist, writer, athlete, coach) has been doing some endurance writing with his 2019 published "Life is a Marathon: A Memoir of Love and Endurance".  In May, he will be releasing, "Running the Dream; One Summer Living, Training and Racing with a Team of World-Class Runners Half My Age".  We talk to him about his journey as he trains with Hoka's NAZ elite team of professional runners in Flagstaff, AZ.

  • Having fun helps us become better runners
  • Judgement is more important than toughness
  • Depletion runs

He also has launched an interesting cool new running camp concept, "Endeavorun".  Check it out.

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CTS Training Director, Jason Koop, joins The Nation to talk about his new podcast Koopcast and some good tactics to start the new year off right.


Check out Jason's book, "Training Essentials for Ultrarunning"

Jason Koop is the Head Coach for CTS-Ultrarunning. He is the author of ‘Training Essentials for Ultrarunning’ which has become the benchmark book for ultramarathon training. During his coaching career, he has managed over 100 endurance coaches and several hundred atheltes of all types, abilities and sports. He is also an accomplished ultrarunner in his own right having finishes in some of the most difficult races on the planet including the Badwater 135, Hardrock 100, Leadville Trail 100, Wasatch 100, Bear 100 and Western States 100

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Don and Scott review the podcasts from 2019 and the many amazing guests that have joined us and helped us become better, smarter, more efficient runners.  What were your favorite gold nuggets?

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AJW joins us for a quick recap of 2019 performances in ultrarunning.  It includes his picks for

  • Ultrarunner of the year (female and male)
  • Performance of the year (female and male)
  • Rookie of the year (female and male)
  • Surprise of the year (female and male)
  • Most inspirational

Please check out Andy's coaching services and his weekly Tap Room article!

AJW's Coaching

AJW's Tap Room

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