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Throughout your running experience, you might have experienced or are experiencing a running layoff due to many different reasons.  Sally McRae, The Yellow Runner , and Andy Jones-Wilkins, join The Nation to explore this topic:  Why do they occur, how to cope with them, and how to overcome the layoff.  They offer some good principles that can help you stage a comeback and how to help others in their's.  There is a bonus at the end of the podcast where we talk about vomit etiquette.

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Avid Runner and Author, Alex Hutchinson joins The Nation to discuss:

Listed to our podcast series with Andy Jones-Wilkins and Magda Boulet as we discuss each chapter of Alex's Book, "Endure: Mind,Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance":

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Dr. Jay Dicharry rejoins The Nation to talk about biomechanics and how to work on the BASE of our form, the FEET.  Jay says that we can improve our efficiency and running economy up to 10% if we have correct foot mechanics, not to mention reducing many of the common over-use injuries.

Here are some photos of drills we discussed:

Jay established his reputation as an expert in biomechanical analysis as Director of the University of Virginia's SPEED Clinic. He now resides in Bend, OR where he is the Director of REP Lab where Jay blends clinical practice and engineering to better understand overuse injuries and helps prevent them before they become a problem.

2 previous podcasts with Jay:
-Making running more fun (2013)
-How to Rewire our Running (2018)

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Sunny Stoeer lived her life the 'right' way including an MBA from Harvard Business School and a successful career as a strategy consultant. She always felt happier outside pursuing running, climbing and mountaineering.  She took a risk and decided to leave behind the career in consulting and took up the dirtbag life and has found joy doing the things she loves.  We discuss some of the things that she learned from Harvard Business School can translate to Ultrarunning, adventuring and chasing FKTs

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Karl Meltzer just won his record 41st 100-mile race in October at the Cloudsplitter 100- the most of any other person! He joins The Nation with Andy Jones-Wilkins to discuss one way to potentially shave HOURS off your next 100-mile finish. His philosophy: KISS- Keep is Stupid Simple. Trail running is a very simple and primitive sport that we might be making way too complicated and difficult. Making choices in your gear, drop bags, crew, pacing and aid station management can shave hour(s) off your time.  It might make it a more enjoyable experience too.

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