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One of our favorite types of podcasts are to throw out a word and discuss it with smart people. That is why we invited Andy Jones-Wilkins back on to talk about "Patience". In fact, AJW has written about patience on iRunFar recently: "Patience in Trying Times". And back in 2013, "Ultrarunning Skill #3: Patience". Needless to say, he was WAY ahead of Don and Scott....not new.

Hire Andy as a coach!

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Dr. Mark Cucuzzella has been running his entire life and has many marathons, six completions of the JFK 50 and two completions of the Comrades Marathon. But this fall he ticked of his first 100-miler! We talk to him about his great achievement and what he learned at the first inaugural Rim to River 100.

We also reminisce about his 20 episodes with us beginning in the 2012! Here is a link to the first episode we did with him.

Here is the finish line VIDEO of Dr. Mark

Here is his race report

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The famous Western States 100 began from a horse race that started back in 1955. SIX years prior to this (1949), Pack Burro racing had been a prize-paying sport that started in the mountains of Colorado.

Here is a fun video produced by Salomon a couple years ago with Max King and Ryan Sandes trying the race.

Past guest and running shoe enthusiast, Brian Metzler, rejoins The Nation after we found out he has participated in many of these unusual events.

Make sure you read Brian's book, Kicksology: The Hype, Science, Culture & cool of Running Shoes

Listen to the episode on shoes we did with Brian.

Check out Christopher McDougall's book about his experience running with a donkey, Running with Sherman

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Coaches Ian SharmanDavid Roche and Krissy Moehl rejoin The Nation to answer questions you submitted via social media. Topics include:

  • Taking time off after a big race
  • How to be safe on the trails
  • How to know you are ready for the next challenge
  • Are back to back trainings necessary?
  • How to incorporate stationary bike into training
  • How to increase training duration and/or time

More about Krissy Moehl

Ian's Stuff

More about David Roche:

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