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Dr. Jim Taylor is internationally recognized for his work in the psycology of endurance sports. He has worked with several pro cycling teams, has been consultant to USA Triathlon, and has worked junior-elite, age-group, world class and Olympic athletes in cross-country sking, triathlon, cycling, swimming and running. 

Ian Torrence joins us as we discuss the time between the alarm and the gun on race morning.  We dig deep into Dr. Taylor bag of tricks for dealing with pain in a long run. 

Author of 14 books and over 750 articles Dr. Taylor's work can be found on his website at 


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Mike Wardian loves to run.  He loves to race.  He loves to compete.  He loves to test himself at different differences and types of races.  Mike just came off of his first 100-mile victory at Easter States 100.  When asked what his favorite distance is, he'll try to give you an answer but really never find one.  In 2014, Mike toed the line at 54 races, finishing in the top 10 at 44 of those.  He has won the US 50K championship three times and been the fastest at the US 100K championships.  In 2012, Mike ran 2:21 at the US Olympic Trials in Houston and turned around the next morning to run 2:31 at the Houston Marathon.

Join Mike on the virtual trail to discuss his passion for running and love for the community.

Mike is available as a coach and has openings now!  If you are interested EMAIL him.




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TRN has been fans of Ethan Newberry, the Ginger Runnerever since he began his entertaining gear reviews.  We finally sit down with Ethan to discuss his views on running, entertainment, and the trepidation of one's first 100-mile race.

Ginger Runner Video Channel

Chuck Norris Rap

Harry Potter Rap

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Why do ultrarunners keep going?  The pain says stop but the mind says GO!   Join Ann TrasonAndy Jones-Wilkins and Lee "Mac" McKinley as we discuss this topic in detail. 

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The prodigal daughter returns!  Faith is back in studio to discuss where she has been and the welcoming return to trail running.  At some point, we all take a break from trail and ultra running.  Why do we come back?  How do we come back?  Faith discusses her exploits into the Ironman and why she is coming back to the trails.

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