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One of the many conversations we enjoy on the trail is how each of us were introduced to trail and ultra running. Each of us has our own story. Although each of these stories are unique, there are some relatable common threads. In the book, The Rise of the Ultra Runners - A Journey to the Edge of Human Endurance, Author Adharananad Finn explores these stories as he walks through his journey into ultra running with the final destination of running the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), a 106-mile race through the French Alps.

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Running with the Kenyons

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We met John Kelly in episode 483 after he successfully broke the 31-year FKT on the 268-mile Pennine Way in Scotland earlier this summer. In this episode, John discusses his successful completion of The Grand Round, UK's big three fell running rounds run consecutively (192 miles, 84,000' elevation, 113 summits) AND riding a bike between the trail heads totaling 398 miles.

This was John's second attempt at The Grand Round. We discuss why he decided to try again and lessons that he learned. Although most of us will never consider something this grandiose, we do like to set goals that push us to our own personal limits. The lessons that John learned can be transferred to our personal attempts at greatness.

Read his adventure account in his own words: Blog Post

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Photo Credit: Max Holloway

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Who knew watching someone walk would be a more popular spectator sport than baseball, football or horse racing? During the 1870s and 1880s, that was the case. Sold out arenas watched competitors walk around tracks almost non-stop for six days straight going over 500 miles. Some walking contests were created from wagers that had athletes walk hundreds of miles between the snow! Pedestrianism may be the long lost relative of our sport! Author Matthew Algeo joins The Nation to teach us about a long-forgotten sport, known as pedestrianism. This sport spawned America's first celebrity athletes, made them rich and opened the doors for immigrants, African Americans and women.

Matthew Algeo has written many books that evolve around interesting events in American history. He is a journalist that has reported from four continents and these stories have appeared on some of the most popular public radio programs. Matt currently lives in Sarajevo with his wife, Allyson, and his daughter, Zaya

His book, "Pedestrianism: When Watching People Walk Was America's Favorite Spectator Sport" is a fun read that might teach you some strategies on how to be a better runner!

Find out more about Matthew and his other books on his website

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Running is one of the world's most popular forms of exercise but is sometimes accompanied with injuries.  It is easy to do a quick web search for these injuries, but will often find contradicting treatments. Our expert physical therapists, Dr. Joe Uhan and Dr. Asher Kyger Henry review your common injuries and offer solutions.  A theme evolved around

  • Movement
  • Strength
  • Efficiency

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