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Biomarkers help us understand what is going on inside our bodies.  There are many that are very important to endurance athletes.  In this episode Ashley Reaver helps us identify five of these biomarkers, why they are important, what is the normal range and what can we do to correct them if they are outside the normal range.

Ashley Reaver is a registered sports dietician with a masters in Nutrition Science and Policy.  She offers nutrition counseling in her private practice and a full-time teacher of nutrition and dietetics courses at the University of California, Berkeley.  She is also the lead nutritional scientist at Inside Tracker.

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Don recently came across an article by Mariska van Sprundel, "Running and the Science of Mental Toughness". We love talking about the mental side of our sport and thought Dr. Rob Bell would be an excellent guest for the topic. Dr. Rob Bell is a certified Mental Performance Coach with years of academic research and real-life coaching experience.  

2 of the 7 books Rob has written::
Puke & Rally: It's Not About the Setback, It's About the Comeback - listen to our episode on the book HERE
- No One Gets There Alone

Check out 
- Dr. Rob's web site
- Puke & Rally web site
- His podcast, "15 minutes of Mental Toughness"

Find him at

Rob is running the Dances With Dirt 50K this weekend! He will be the one smiling!

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We've all heard that we should build a good "base".  In this episode we devine what base building is and how to make it a fundimental part of our training.  

Our experts for this episode are Ian Sharman, Krissy Moehl, Dr. Phil Maffetone, and Ellie Greenwood.


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What does consistency mean to you? Returning guest, Adam Kimble joins The Nation to discuss the long-term benefits of consistency.  Could consistency be the holy grail of training success?

Learn more about Adam by checking out his web site and his coaching site, Run On Dirt Coaching.
Adam's social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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