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We met David Horton at the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run.  David Horton is a 5-time finisher of this race and the winner of the first two.  We discuss with him the unique qualities that make this race one of the toughest runs in the world.  David has also completed over 160 ultras, has 40 wins, and many other ambitious running endeavors.  This gives him the authority to teach a class at Liberty University on advanced running.  In fact, they must complete a 50K race to pass the class!  David recently wrote an article in the April 2014 Ultrarunning Magazine"Your First Ultra - You Can Do It" that offers some suggestions for your first ultra.

Some topics:

  • "Do I get to run or do I have to run?"
  • "No discomfort, no gain" philosophy vs. "No Pain, no gain"

Check out the Journey Film movie about David Horton's 2700 Pacific Crest Trail run  Here is a VIDEO clip.

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