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Is your body a Ferrari or an AMC Pacer? Do you want to teach your body to burn more fat for energy? Sunny Blende and Tim Fleming Endurance Performance Training Centers join us to talk about Metabolic Efficiency Training. Sunny takes the test and tries the Metabolic Efficiency Training program and tells about her remarkable successes.
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Join us on a 90 minute run with Dr. Gangemi. He talks about NSAIDs and all things important for the health of an endurance athlete. Most importantly, we talk to him about what he is doing in this photo...
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Our good friend, Warren Pole, joins us again to recount the 2012 North Face Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc. He describes his successful finish of this world-class event. Warren explains his revolutionary strategy: "Running with the Mayor" which aided Warren to move up 1100 places before he finished!
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Join TRN as they break down members responses to the websites Question of the Week, "Whats the best long run advice you have been given" Faith has a mouth full of Novocaine so we can provide a written transcript if necessary.
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After a long summer of conflicting schedules, we finally connect again with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. We talk about: How many miles should your shoes last, post run ice - over rated or under utilized, NSAIDs - what are they and how should you use them and the 10% rule.
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We talk to the Freeman quartet about lessons they learned from their recent running of the Angeles Crest 100.
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Ten years ago Jeff Vierling finished his first Leadville 100 mountain bike race despite having terrible GI issues. That marked the day that he began his quest to find the perfect nutrition & hydration product. He didn't find it. So rather than changing sports to bowling, he decided to learn everything there was to know about nutrition and hydration and "bake" his own. This was the genesis of Tailwind Nutrition. We talk to Jeff about what he learned about nutrition and electrolytes and how Tailwind may just be the answer to many of our problems.
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Jason Billows is the founder of Thrive Coaching. This coach may tell you to sleep in, skip a workout or go get a massage. He may tell you to step up your intensity and make your workouts count. Jason reminds us time cannot be managed so we must manage our activity.
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Warren Pole knows where the starting line is located. He also knows where the comic line is located, and he proudly steps right over that line with both feet. Here's hoping Warren stays out of bounds because that is where he performs his best work. Thank you Warren Pole for contributing to the podcast and representing Trail Runner Nation.
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Join Katie DeSplinter and Dominic Grossman as we talk about Tapering. You have trained hard, hit your race weight, taken care of all the logistics but their is something you can do to improve your performance by 3.5% and all it takes is kicking back?
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