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SoCal Coyotes Running Team's lead dog and every runner's coach Jimmy Dean Freeman joins us to discuss...well we may have to listen again to know exactly what we discussed! Take this podcast to the trail head and hang out with us as we chat about...stuff.

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Johnny West is loose with information as we discuss athletic compression apparel. What are the advantages to this gear? Come to think of it, all of the Superheros have worn compression gear...
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You may never lace up a pair of shoes the same after you listen to this podcast. Disclaimer: This podcast may be hazardous to the health of your traditional running shoe, orthotics and even your socks. Runners proceed with extreme caution.
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Have you ever considered what a coach could do for your Trail Game? Join champion ultra runner and ultraMOM Liza Howard as we discuss the advantages of a coach and how to locate the right one for you. Guess what...Liza Howard has a coach too! Liza can be found at
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TRN has a WEB Ninja and now a GEAR Ninja? What's next... Well what's now is an introduction to "The Trail Runners GEAR Tester". James turns gear upside down and inside out to get to the bottom of it all. Don't make a purchase until you consult your Gear Ninja.
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We have the chance to ask National Best Selling author and trail runner Christopher McDougall, "Why are we Born To Run?" Christopher doesn't stop with the WHY - he throws in some WHAT and HOW too. We discuss some of his "Aha" moments writing his book Born To Run. Grab some chia seeds and join us.
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Shannon is an ultra-runner, ultra-mother and ultra-CEO for a trail favorite - Moeben Sportswear. She seems to take each challenge to the extreme. Join us as we chat with her the night before what she calls "A leisurely 50 mile race". Maybe this sport is all in our minds?
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With over 150 ultra marathons under their fuel belts, we join John Nichols and Lee McKinley to discuss race strategy. Compare your race strategy with the experience of the veteran runners. John's entertaining race report from WS100 is available under the podcast found at
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Plug in and hang on as we chat with two frontrunners and pry some secrets about their race selection and training. Montrail athlete Erik Skaden and Fleet Feet athlete Mark Lantz slow down long enough for us to pick their brains about what works and what doesn't work.
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Have you ever wondered if running like Forest Gump was good for you? Dr. Marty Hoffman is asking that very question. Our trail doctor, Marty Hoffman has invited the trail running community to participate in an online study that will help answer our questions. We will learn his early predictions as this unique study launches.
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