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JB Benna and crew strap on cameras and put us up front with the lead runners as they fight for position in the epic event 2010 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. Grab some GU and buckle up as JB takes us on a great ride. We review his new film Unbreakable with ultrarunner and sports nutritionist Sunny Blende.
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Jimmy is a distance running coach, motivational speaker and ultra trail runner. He sat down with us to discuss the reality of how you'll feel during an ultra marathon and what to be prepared for mentally as a beginning ultra runner. Ultra veteran Lee McKinley joins the discussion to offer some additional wisdom.
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Ultrarunning veteran Lee McKinley shares his knowledge regarding the benefits of cross-training and how it helps his distance running both mentally and physically.
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Check out our first podcast which explains just what is the Trail Runner Nation, how to get involved and what to expect from future episodes and around the website.

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