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Bob Crowley has been trail running for over 21 years. Josh Katzman for 7 years. Both are members of the massive Trail Animals Running Club - a running club that has grown to exceed over 2500 member in the U.S.A. They join the Nation to discuss trail culture. Are we at risk of losing the unique culture that welcomed us all in? Will the culture change as the sport continues to grow? How can we maintain the culture?
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Learn 4 key elements of race execution with Lee McKinley and Jimmy Dean Freeman
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Dr. Tim Noakes discusses his new book, "Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports"
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Bill Katovsky: In a world that you may not feel in control, you have control to change your body and your fitness
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Bryon Powell is an accomplished runner, placing in the top 10 of Leadville 100 and winning his age group (under 30) at Western States 100. But he is also the Runner-in-Chief of irunfar, a website dedicated to bringing ultrarunners timely news, race coverage and results, gear reviews, running advice and coaching. Irunfar was voted one of Outside Magazines "Top Running Blogs" in 2011 and a premiere web site for all things ultra. Over the years it has grown into an all-star team of runner/writers that share information to our community.
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Is running 100 mile races for everyone? What are you getting into when you open that box to begin training for and racing 100 mile races? What sacrifices will you need to make?
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] STOP: Listen to Part 1 first Meet Jamie Walker, co-founder and president of Fit Approach..  She discusses her experiences at her first 100 mile race: Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run. In Part 1, TRN asks her a dozen questions regarding her expectations, race strategy and preparation.  In Part 2, we review [...]
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[tabs] [tab title="Description" ] Meet Jamie Walker, co-founder and president of Fit Approach..  She is preparing for her first 100 mile endurance run: Pine to Palm 100 Mile Endurance Run.  In Part 1, TRN asks her a dozen questions regarding her expectations, race strategy and preparation.  In Part 2, we review these same questions and [...]
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Is your body a Ferrari or an AMC Pacer? Do you want to teach your body to burn more fat for energy? Sunny Blende and Tim Fleming Endurance Performance Training Centers join us to talk about Metabolic Efficiency Training. Sunny takes the test and tries the Metabolic Efficiency Training program and tells about her remarkable successes.
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Join TRN as they break down members responses to the websites Question of the Week, "Whats the best long run advice you have been given" Faith has a mouth full of Novocaine so we can provide a written transcript if necessary.
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