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Dr. Mark Cucuzzella and Dr. Ryan Green are runners, experts on running form AND owners of specialty shoe stores.  We enlist their help to teach us how to choose the right shoes:

  1. Find a credible store and fitting expert
  2. Step & Feel
  3. What is the right size?
  4. Use all your senses to feel the fit
  5. Orthotics?
  6. Color matters
  7. Magic will happen when you take off your shoes


Make sure you watch his 8:25 Video that show the principles of natural running.

Be sure to spend some time learning at The Natural Running Center web site.

Visit Two Rivers Treads running store either in person or call them and ask them some questions!

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One of the new devices for athletes that is getting some buzz are continuous glucose monitors (CGM), a small adhesive patch with a tiny filament embedded in the flesh.  This device is designed to track your blood sugar levels.  Could this be the next technology that helps runners avoid bonking?  Author, runner and regular TRN guest, Alex Hutchinson recently tried out one of these devices and shares his experience.  Read his recent article, "A Real-Time Fuel Gauge for Endurance Athletes" in OutsideOnline 

Alex Hutchinson is an avid runner and author.  We did a series of podcasts on his book, Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance

Follow Alex on Twitter

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Most of us inevitably recruit a team that support our running.  This could be a running partner, coach, crew, pacers, etc.  One key teammate that you might consider is an Athletic Trainer.  

Guest co-host, Krissy Moehl, shares her experience with having someone on her team that helps maintain her body through activation, recovery and treatment.

Kerry Gustafson is owner of Prime Sports Institute, an athletic training facility providing a team approach to health care in Bellingham, Washington.  Kerry explains that athletic trainers are the "point guard" for your care.  Traditionally these athletic trainers are found on the sidelines of collegiate or professional sports teams.  Now their services are available for the amateur runner!

To find an athletic trainer near you, try Go4Ellis

Check out Prime Sports Institute's online Yoga for runners program or call for a remote consultation.

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Andy Jones-Wilkins joins to talk about seven simple rules to consider for a successful long run.  This list is not comprehensive and we may have follow up episodes.


  1. Don't run a single hill (the definition of a hill varies by fitness level)
  2. Run all downs, (unless the hill taxes the knees, quads, or risk a fall)
  3. Start early with a purposeful walk/run rhythm.  Keep the body fresh, do not put yourself in a catch up position.   EVERY time you shift from a run to a walk, use this mantra, "Walk with purpose!"   Walking with a purpose is effective and a strategy.  
  4. Manage the aidstations, show up with a plan. .  Let a volunteer fill your hydration. Next, take care of your gear and medical.  Select your fuel, eat it as you walk out.  (No loitering)   You cover an enormous amount of ground when you purposefully walk.  
  5. Monitor anything that feels slightly off; calories, hydration, electrolytes, salt on face, salt on shirt, color of urine, cramping, stomach, apply lube to anything hot (chaffage) and listen to negative mental chatter.  Negative chatter is your body's way of telling you that you need to change something, if you push through the early warning sign, catastrophe is around the corner.
  6. Give yourself permission to back off your effort and recapture anything that isn't working or needs correcting. Most issues can be solved by backing off the pace.  Give it time and you can return to your gameplan.  SCOTT has a story for this one
  7. Trust your math.  Stay with your plan.  Worrying requires energy.  You need that energy to finish the run.   (Do all the math before the run)And share it with your crew/pacer

Don's video from Moab 240 we mentioned

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar


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Trail Runner Nation began in November of 2011 with a singular purpose or WHY: To share knowledge with our Nation of runners that will help them become better runners, run longer. In this candid conversation, Don and Scott talk about how this WHY was formed and how it has guided the podcast: from choosing guests and topics.

We credit this clarity to a book by Simon Sinek, "Start with Why". We highly recommend it to everyone that might be looking at life or projects that are a little blurry. As an appetizer, please watch Simon in his 18-minute Ted Talk from 2010.

Please consider supporting these great partners of Trail Runner Nation that sponsored this episode:



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Kilian Jornet, 33, is one of our generation's greatest endurance athletes.  He is a six-time Skyrunner World Series champion, and has stood atop the podium at trail races around the wold, most notably the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, Western States Endurance Run, and Hardrock Hundred Mile Run.  Jornet has set fastest known times on mountain peaks from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc and holds numerous ski mountaineering records.

Guest Hosts Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe speak with Kilian from his home in a quiet Norwegian village where he lives with his wife, noted trail racer Emilie Forsberg, two daughters, a labradoodle, eleven sheep and a menagerie of farm animals.

You will find that Kilian is humble and thoughtful.  You will find out where he ranks a 24-hour track run on his "fun scale".  He is passionate about our environment and brining up his family and teaching future generations about how to keep the planet safe.

Check out Kilian Jornet Foundation

Please check out our partners for this episode:

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One thing most runners have in common is that we will inevitably puke: literally and figuratively.  How do you react to these situations?  Dr. Rob Bell is a certified Mental Performance Coach with years of academic research and real-life coaching experience.  He will help us to put these situations into perspective, frame them and then use them to propel us to improved performance and fulfillment.

Dr. Rob Bell's seventh book, Puke & Rally: It's Not About the Setback, It's About the Comeback

Check out

Find him at

Thank you for all our partners.  This episode is brought to you by 

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Badwater 135 mile race is dubbed the world's toughest footrace.  It begins at the lowest elevation in the USA (280 feet below sea level) and runs over three mountain ranges in the blistering heat of Death Valley, climbing 14,600' to end at the portal to Mt. Whitney.  Some of the greatest ultra runners have run this race.  This was Sally McRae's second attempt.  In 2018 she finished a personal-disappointing seventh place.  This year she won and won big.  She joins co-host Krissy Moehl to discuss her training journey, what drove her to the win and how she is recovering.

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Joe Grant has run and raced around the world and created some amazing adventures in his home state of Colorado.  Guest hosts Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe find out more about what makes Joe tick and why he feels running is an art.


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Our Coaches, Krissy Moehl , David Roche and Ian Sharman join us to talk about some of the lessons that were learned from the 2021 Western States 100 race that might help you improve your performance.

You can find out more about Krissy:
- Krissy Coaching services
- Krissy's book, "Running your First Ultra"

Ian Sharman can be found at
- Sharman Ultras coaching services
- Ian's podcast, "PodiumRunner Endurance Podcast"

David's stuff
- David and Megan's coaching at SWAPRunning
- Their book, "The Happy Runner"
- David and Megan's podcast, "Some Work, All Play"

Visit our partners
XO Skin - get 15% off with code "TRN"
Run The Alps - guided and self-guided support tours of the Alps and Dolomites!

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Mimmi Kotka is a world class runner that lives part-time in the Chamonix Valley with her husband Toni and dog Enzo, giving tours of the mountains at Run the Alps.  Mimmi has won or been on the podium at a number of major trail races around the world. That list includes first place at the 101 km CCC and 121 km TDS races in Chamonix, France. She is a member of the Swedish National Ultrarunning Team.

Mimmi isn’t just a trail runner, either. She also has an advanced degree in Nutrition, and is a partner in Moonvalley. She has a fun sense of humor, and always has interesting insights to share on trail running.

Mimmi joins Anna and Stephanie to talk about her passions, her unconventional lifestyle and her struggle and triumph over RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport)

Make sure to get your FREE sample pack of UCAN by clicking HERE

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This week's podcast (Friday) will be hosted by two of our favorite guests, Anna Frost and Stephanie Howe.

Be sure to check out these links to their coaching and their events coming up:

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It is no surprise that world-class athletes couldn't get to their level without a strong mental game. It could be argued that you need a strong mental game to push beyond your personal limits to a new plateau. 

Recent research reveals exactly how they do it - and now we can learn that formula and incorporate it into our athletics and other areas of our lives.

Noel Brick, PhD, research phycologist of endurance athletics and Scott Douglas, contributing writer for Runner's World, co-authored the titled book and help us understand how we can learn from these athletes to improve our performance on and off the trail.

Last week to register to win 1 of 10 pair of BOA Fit System powered La Sportiva Cyklon shoes.

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We invited Ryan Montgomery on our podcast to do a "Golden Nuggets" episode. Like some trail runs take interesting twists and turns and you end up discovery new and exciting vistas, our conversation turned to a fun and educational place. Our Soundman Ryan did a great job editing in the fragmented discussion. We hope you enjoy and will share it with other.

Ryan Montgomery started his running career in middle school while living in Alaska and continued throughout high school. He ran his first marathon at age 15! Ryan discovered trail running while attending college in Utah and quickly became a top performer. He has broken the 13-hour mark for running the 100-mile distance in 2019 at the USATF National Championships and will be representing Team USA in the 24-hour World Championships in 2021. Ryan is also an outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

Ryan runs for Altra and coaches with Mountain Endurance Coaching.

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After our Western States 100 Prognostication episode, we kept the recording button pushed and this is the discussion.  We get a short race report from AJW on his Bighorn 100 race last weekend. 

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Western States 100 is the first high profile race that is being held since the pandemic cancelled racing around the world.  We sit down with Andy Jones-Wilkins to get his take on this year's race.  There will be 320 amazing stories from each of the starters.  We highlight some of the ones that you might want to watch unfold.

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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This is an important episode and we are fortunate to have a friend, Cory Reese, join us to talk about depression.  Cory is an accomplished ultra runner and author of three books:

Cory introduces us to his friend and physiology expert (and ultra runner), Catherine Van Tassell, social worker, PA with experience in psychology at the University of Utah.  She is also a master trainer for iFIT Mind.

This episode should help everyone listening.  If you suffer from depression, know someone who is, wonder if you are, or just want to help anyone that might need it.  This podcast is for you.  

If you are in need of help, please reach out to your family friends or running community.  We love you and want to help.  If you have thoughts of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 anytime 24/7.

Get your free UCAN sample pack here.

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The world did not come to an end at the 2021 World's End 100K last week. Andy Jones-Wilkins experienced his first DNF after successfully completing 184 ultras prior.

Read more about AJW's race in the Tap Room at iRunFar

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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This is the first of a new series of episodes called NuggetCast.  Andy Jones-Wilkins joins us to explain what a NuggetCast is and to help kick off the first episode.

This episode's nuggets are:

  • Train the mind
  • Throw out the ego
  • Be Prepared

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is AJW-876x1024.jpg

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In running failure might manifest itself as a DNF at a race or a failed workout. Many of us are programmed to believe that failure is bad. In this episode, we will challenge that fallacy and talk about how failure is part of the design process of becoming a better runner and human.

Returning guest, Adam Kimble joins us with a couple friends, Jim O'Brien and Connor Crouch to recount a discussion they recently had on a run about DNFs and failures.

Learn more about Adam by checking out his web site and his coaching site, Run On Dirt Coaching.

Adam's social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Mentioned on the episode: Desert Runners Movie

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We all love a good story about trail running. In Dean Karnazes' latest book, "A Runners High - My Life in Motion", he tells stories that you will easily draw you in and might remind you of similar situations that you might have been in. The stories will make you laugh, questions our sanity as runner, and make you think about life and running.

Listen to Dean's previous episode, "Who is Dean Karnazes?"

Dean is an accomplished author of four other best sellers:

To learn more about Dean, visit his web site:

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This past year has broken from the normal and thrown some curveballs, challenges and outright disappointments to our lives inside trail running.  We thought it would be a good discussion to talk about the state of The Nation, the trail running community that we all enjoy and love.

Andy Jones-Wilkins joins us to talk about some of the changes and what that may mean to our sport.

Links of interest:
Ultrarunner Magazine's article from 2017 written by 9 important races in the US, "Why We Won't Pay: UTMB, ITRA and the 'Pay For Points' Racket" 

AJW's Taproom article, "Forty-One Years at the American River 50 Mile: The Longevity of Tim Twietmeyer

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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This week on Trail Runner Nation, we have a special edition of our podcast. UTMB race co-founder Michel Poletti joins us from Chamonix, France, along with four other guests, from Bellingham, Washington, to Boulder, to Chamonix. The topic? A new partnership announced today between the iconic triathlon brand and what is perhaps the world’s most famous trail race.

Trail Runner Nation was one of the first media outlets in the world to receive the news. We taped this show Tuesday night, Chamonix time, and held it until the embargo expired at 4 am east coast time, Thursday, May 6.

We’ll continue to cover this story in future podcast episodes, as it evolves. For now, you can check out highlights of our conversation on our Trail Runner Nation Youtube Channel, and read a summary of highlights in this blog post on our web site.

What’s your opinion of this news? The Trail Runner Nation conversation continues in the new Trail Running Community at Ultrasignup. Check it out HERE.

Our Guests:
Michel Poletti is one of the founders of the UTMB race, along with his wife Catherine. Prior to that he ran a technology company, and organized an international hang gliding contest in Chamonix. He is an avid trail runner who for many years would run the 121 km UTMB TDS race with a radio so he could both race and help manage the event. He lives in Chamonix, France. 

Krissy Moehl is a Patagonia-sponsored trail runner. She won the first edition of UTMB in 2003, and won again in 2009. She coaches trail runners and is author of the book, Running Your First Ultra. Find out more at She joins us from Bellingham, Washington.

Hillary Gerardi has set course records around the world on highly technical skyraces. She recently established a woman’s record on the Haute Route ski from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. She is sponsored by Black Diamond Equipment. Originally from Vermont, she lives in Chamonix full time now and joins us from there. 

Brian Metzler is one of the founders of Trail Runner Magazine and continues as a Contributing Editor. He is co-author of the upcoming book Trail Running Illustrated and writes for numerous magazines and websites. He joins us from Boulder, Colorado. 

Adam Chase is President of the American Trail Running Association, Captain and Manager of the Brooks off-road running team, and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running. He has been freelance writing about running for several decades. He joins us from Boulder, where he practices law when not trail running. 

Show highlights from the Trail Runner Nation Youtube Channel

Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

Continue the discussion in the Ultrasignup Community

UTMB Through the Eyes of its Creator, Part 1
UTMB Through the Eyes of its Creator, Part 2

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This is an "Out and Back", encore episode that we recorded in 2016 with Dr. Stephanie Howe. She had recently finished her PhD in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology at Oregon State.  She has taken her passion of running and transformed it into a career as an exercise physiologist, coach and sports nutritionist.  She joins The Nation to discuss:

  • How to fuel during a run or race
  • Appetite hormones
  • Pallet fatigue

She then shares her Simple Rules:

  • Eat real food
  • Chill out the day before a race
  • Be nice
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This is an encore episode with Courtney Dauwalter that we recorded back in February 2018.  We hope you enjoy the timeless wisdom that Courtney shares with The Nation.  

Courtney Dauwalter rejoins The Nation after earning a golden ticket into the 2018 Western States 100.  She has won her last six races and was overall winner at three of those.  She has been the first human to cross the line at 10 of the races she started including a 10 hour buffer between second place at the 2017 Moab 200.

Courtney talks about her "old school" method of training which includes a more intuitive focus rather than a specific training program.  Part of this includes consistency and adhering to AJW's "10-minute rule"

Previous podcast with Courtney

Direct download: Out__Back_with_Courtney_FINAL.mp3
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The Dalai Lama has said, "The goal is not to be better than the other man, but your previous self.”

East Coast Correspondent joins The Nation to talk about consistency and discipline. Sometimes it is very easy to set goals and get started. For many, failure can come just as easy if we set too high of expectations. We talk about ideas and tactics that have helped us when there are 6 reasons not to get the work done. Sometimes it means doing something so minuscule that it is just a bit more effort than doing nothing at all. These small wins help us psychologically and physically to get a step closer to our desired outcome.

Here is the link to Scott's Tedtalk that he couldn't remember. Christine Carter teaches about her "better than nothing" philosophy that helped her become a runner after failing initially.

Check out these previous episodes with similar topics
- EP 458: Motivation vs. Discipline
- Grit: That Space Between Giving Up and Going All In

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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Leadman*, ultrarunner, sports dietitian and former olympic athlete coach, Bob Seebohar says that we should, "eat to train, not train to eat". Our fueling is as important in our training as aerobic and anaerobic training. Bob even wrote the book on it, Metabolic Efficiency Training, Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat

He discusses the simple methodology he prescribes to athletes to help them improve their nutrition and fuel burning with periodization and the simple "hand method" of fueling.

Bob owns and runs eNRGPerformance in Colorado, but consults virtually around the world.

Check out these links:

*Completing all six Leadville endurance events in 7 weeks

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A book written by runner, adventurer, skier, biker, speaker and climber, Brenden Leonard. Brendan takes his unique skill of illustrations take a fun, tongue-in-cheak look at our lifestyle as runners. It is a reminder to the experienced runners to not take themselves to seriously and to new runners to understand that running isn't all rainbows and unicorns. Buy a few copies and share them with your local running tribe and fuel your next training runs with topics.

Link to Brendan's 2018 movie, How to Run 100 Miles.

Find more about Brendan at Semi-Rad. or follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

Make sure you check out his podcast, Off The Couch

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Alex Hutchinson rejoins The Nation to help us understand the latest research as it relates to endurance sports.  We discuss:

Listed to our podcast series with Andy Jones-Wilkins and Magda Boulet as we discuss each chapter of Alex's Book, Endure: Mind,Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance:

Follow Alex on Twitter

Check out Sweat Science




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Our Coaches, Krissy Moehl , David Roche and Ian Sharman are back to answer questions that YOU asked on our TRN hotline. This episodes questions come from

  • Collin from Memphis, TN
  • Doug from Chamonix, France
  • Bailey from the White Mountains of New Hampshire
  • Matt from Minnesota
  • Jen from the UK (but residing in France)
  • Lori from Ft. Worth, Texas

Links to stuff Don committed Scott to put in the show notes

David's stuff:
- David and Megan’s coaching at SWAPRunning (SWAP stands for Some Work, All Play).
- Their book, the Happy Runner
- David and Megan’s new podcast, “Some Work, All Play”

If you have a question for the coaches on a future episode, please call and leave a message at +1 530-492-5006

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We continue our discussion about being a mom and trail running with Sally McRae, Anna Frost, and Stephanie Howe.

Download Part 1 HERE

Learn more about these amazing moms/athletes:

  • You can find out more about Anna Frost's coaching and her jewelry at her website
  • Make sure you check out Stephanie's web site for coaching or nutritional consultation.
  • Sally can be found HERE for coaching and inspiration
Direct download: Moms_Part2_-_3-12-21_1.45_PM.mp3
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We reconnect with Andy Jones-Wilkins to play one of our favorite podcast games, Drop Bag. We each pull a "relevant" topic out of our drop bag and discuss. Here are some of the stuff we talked about:

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar

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Have you ever woken up and groaned as you fought with yourself to get out the door to run? You are not alone. That is in our biology. We evolved to want to conserve energy. The idea of exercising is only something that we've been doing relatively recently. Dr. Daniel Lieberman's new book, Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding is a great read.

Evolutionary biologist, Dr. Daniel Lieberman joins us to discuss what this means for us as passionate runners. Dr. Lieberman wrote the 2004 article, Born to Run:

Here is the video Dr. Mark Cucuzzella mentioned.

Please check out Dr. Mark's running store, Two Rivers Treads and his podcast.

Direct download: Final_Final_Final_.mp3
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How do you adapt to the changes the body goes through during and after pregnancy? We talk with three mothers: Sally McRae, Anna Frost, and Stephanie Howe about their expectations and experiences.

You can find out more about Anna Frost's coaching and her jewelry at her web site.

Make sure you check out Stephanie's web site for coaching or nutritional consultation.

Sally can be found HERE for coaching and inspiration.

For the Bonus Miles, subscribe to our Patreon Channel at the Ambassador level or higher.

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We have made this BONUS MILES with Dr. Phil Maffetone is free this week. If you missed the original episode, get it HERE.  

If you want to hear all the bonus miles, please consider supporting TRN on our Patreon Channel at the Ambassador level or higher.

Check out his new book: Get Strong: The natural, no-sweat, whole-body approach to stronger muscles and bones

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Phil Maffetone's MUSIC

Direct download: Bonus_Miles_Dr_FINAL.mp3
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How can we become stronger? Dr. Phil Maffetone joins us to uncover the simple yet effective way to improve our strength and improve our lifestyle.

Book: Get Strong: The natural, no-sweat, whole-body approach to stronger muscles and bones

Other Dr. Maffetone podcasts:

Get the Maffetone App HERE

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Get a taste of Dr. Maffetone's best articles HERE

Phil Maffetone's MUSIC

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We have made this BONUS MILES with Will Fortin and Richard Kresser free this week. If you missed the original episode, get it HERE.  

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Direct download: Sweeping_BONUS_FINAL.mp3
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What are the differences when you are racing at the front of the pack v. back? Richard Kresser and Will Fortin join us to help us understand. Richard finished 1st in the 2016 Bigfoot 200 and then turned around the next month and swept the Tahoe 200 course with good friend Will Fortin. We discuss each experience and which he enjoyed more. Will adds an additional perspective as an aid station captain at Bigfoot where they have to stay open for over 50 hours!

Check out the 2 previous episodes with Richard: How to Race in -25° and Snow and Chasing Volcanoes

Here is the video of Richard's Tour de Volcanoes. Richard also puts on skim races in Washington State HERE

Cover Photo by Howe Stern

Direct download: Sweeping_FINAL.mp3
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With few races being held it takes creativity to create your own challenge. In this episode we talk to a few runners that did just that.

Mike Foote and Rob Krar set an amazing FKT on a Grand Canyon R2R2R crossing in the frigid temps of December 31, which included a naked swim across the Colorado River TWICE! You can see their video HERE. You can find out more about Rob's camp and coaching HERE. You can check out Mike's mountain races at The Rut or at The Runner's Edge.

But you don't have to be so elaborate in your planning to have an adventure. Cory Reese shows us that it just takes a simple idea. His challenge was a 23-mile route connecting all eight Mavericks (convenience store) around his town with the added challenge of eating something unhealthy at each! You can find Cory each month in Ultrarunning Magazine as a columnist and check out his book, Nowhere Near First:Ultramarathon Adventures From The Back of the Pack

Direct download: Adventures_with_mike_rob_and_Cory_FINAL.mp3
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We have made this BONUS MILES with Pam Reed and Adam Kimble free. If you want to hear all the bonus miles, please consider supporting TRN on our Patreon Channel at the Ambassador level or higher.

Direct download: Extremes_Bonus_Miles_-_1-22-21_1.13_PM.mp3
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Pam Reed and Adam Kimble have run in some of the most extreme weather conditions. They join us to talk about the challenges and a lure of running in extreme heat and extreme cold.

Pam Reed Bio:

Adam Kimble Bio:

  • Discovery Channel's "The Wheel" contestant
  • Winner of two self-supported multi-stage races
  • podium finisher at three 100-milers
  • 2016 ran from California to Georgia in 60 days
  • 2017 FKT running the length of Great Britain with Kris King
  • Check out his coaching site, Run On Dirt Coaching
  • Adam's social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


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The recording after the recording.  Bonus Miles is the recording that you can listen to if you support TRN at the Ambassador or Business level our Patreon Page

Check out the other benefits and MORE are coming soon!

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Are you ready to turn over a new leaf and want to experience the trails? There is much to learn on your new adventure and you are going to LOVE IT!

Our Coaches, Krissy Moehl , David Roche and Ian Sharman are back. They share with us personal stories from their past that helped them learn to become better runners.

Links: Michelle Jenneke dancing before her race & US Olympic Luger, Kate Hansen dancing before her run.

You can find out more about Krissy:

Ian can be found:

David's stuff:

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Dr. Phil Maffetone helps us understand the difference about over-weight and over-fat.  We discuss why is so difficult to lose weight because our understandings may be in error.

If we lose excess fat, we will become healthier and more efficient runners.

Book: Overfat Pandemic - Exposing the problems and its simple solution for everyone who needs to eliminate excess body fat 

Article: "Six Reasons Weight-Loss is so Darn Difficult"

Other Dr. Maffetone podcasts:

Get the Maffetone App HERE

Take the 2 Week Test

Get a taste of Dr. Maffetone's best articles HERE

Phil Maffetone's MUSIC


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Ultrarunners, adventurists, and amateur historians, Bob Crowley, Tim Twietmeyer, Jennifer Hemmen and Elke Reimer set out to retrace the steps of the Forlorn Hope through the California Sierra Nevada mountains. We discuss their amazing journey and how it can help us put perspective on our lives and our sport.

In the winter of 1846-47 a group of pioneers were headed to California when they were trapped in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains. The snow was over 20 feet deep, they were running out of food, and the group wasn't working together. Three unsuccessful attempts were made to escape and get help from California.

On December 16, 1846 a small group began another attempt on homemade snowshoes with enough food for six days; hoping it would take around 10 days to make the 100 mile journey.

Check out the short 3 minute video photographer Keith Sutter produced about the adventure.

You can find out more about this heroic endurance feat and about the memorial event and how to track them at Some of their photos can be seen here.

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