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With few races being held it takes creativity to create your own challenge. In this episode we talk to a few runners that did just that.

Mike Foote and Rob Krar set an amazing FKT on a Grand Canyon R2R2R crossing in the frigid temps of December 31, which included a naked swim across the Colorado River TWICE! You can see their video HERE. You can find out more about Rob's camp and coaching HERE. You can check out Mike's mountain races at The Rut or at The Runner's Edge.

But you don't have to be so elaborate in your planning to have an adventure. Cory Reese shows us that it just takes a simple idea. His challenge was a 23-mile route connecting all eight Mavericks (convenience store) around his town with the added challenge of eating something unhealthy at each! You can find Cory each month in Ultrarunning Magazine as a columnist and check out his book, Nowhere Near First:Ultramarathon Adventures From The Back of the Pack

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Pam Reed and Adam Kimble have run in some of the most extreme weather conditions. They join us to talk about the challenges and a lure of running in extreme heat and extreme cold.

Pam Reed Bio:

Adam Kimble Bio:

  • Discovery Channel's "The Wheel" contestant
  • Winner of two self-supported multi-stage races
  • podium finisher at three 100-milers
  • 2016 ran from California to Georgia in 60 days
  • 2017 FKT running the length of Great Britain with Kris King
  • Check out his coaching site, Run On Dirt Coaching
  • Adam's social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


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The recording after the recording.  Bonus Miles is the recording that you can listen to if you support TRN at the Ambassador or Business level our Patreon Page

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Are you ready to turn over a new leaf and want to experience the trails? There is much to learn on your new adventure and you are going to LOVE IT!

Our Coaches, Krissy Moehl , David Roche and Ian Sharman are back. They share with us personal stories from their past that helped them learn to become better runners.

Links: Michelle Jenneke dancing before her race & US Olympic Luger, Kate Hansen dancing before her run.

You can find out more about Krissy:

Ian can be found:

David's stuff:

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Dr. Phil Maffetone helps us understand the difference about over-weight and over-fat.  We discuss why is so difficult to lose weight because our understandings may be in error.

If we lose excess fat, we will become healthier and more efficient runners.

Book: Overfat Pandemic - Exposing the problems and its simple solution for everyone who needs to eliminate excess body fat 

Article: "Six Reasons Weight-Loss is so Darn Difficult"

Other Dr. Maffetone podcasts:

Get the Maffetone App HERE

Take the 2 Week Test

Get a taste of Dr. Maffetone's best articles HERE

Phil Maffetone's MUSIC


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Ultrarunners, adventurists, and amateur historians, Bob Crowley, Tim Twietmeyer, Jennifer Hemmen and Elke Reimer set out to retrace the steps of the Forlorn Hope through the California Sierra Nevada mountains. We discuss their amazing journey and how it can help us put perspective on our lives and our sport.

In the winter of 1846-47 a group of pioneers were headed to California when they were trapped in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains. The snow was over 20 feet deep, they were running out of food, and the group wasn't working together. Three unsuccessful attempts were made to escape and get help from California.

On December 16, 1846 a small group began another attempt on homemade snowshoes with enough food for six days; hoping it would take around 10 days to make the 100 mile journey.

Check out the short 3 minute video photographer Keith Sutter produced about the adventure.

You can find out more about this heroic endurance feat and about the memorial event and how to track them at Some of their photos can be seen here.

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