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This is our first Simul-podcast. It only makes sense that we would do this with our favorite British corespondent, Warren Pole,  one of the founders of 33 Fuel. They recently started a podcast that is devoted to endurance fueling: 33Fuel Podcast

We reflect on the eight-year relationship with Warren and Erica, his wife.

Be sure to try out the many products at and use the code TRN33 for 10% off your purchase.

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We all have multiple identities - Mom, brother, friend, scientist, comedian, bowler, runner, writer, etc. Some of these identities come by choice, by chance or forced upon us. They may change over time too. We are the sum of these identities. They help us learn and grow. We should celebrate them in our own lives and within those around us. One of the best parts of trail running is to learn about the identities of others on a run.

In this episode we talk to Kim Strom. We learn about some of her identities:

  • Running model (appearing on the cover of Trail Runner Magazine more than any other person)
  • A Photographer
  • A Writer
  • A Trail Runner
  • Her newest identity - cancer patient

Check out this collective:

Photo Swiss Alps and by PatitucciPhoto

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We brought together running representatives from three continents

We asked them to talk about running topics that are current in their corner of the world.

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Photo: Jubilee Paige
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Photo by by Martina Valmassoi
Find out more about Hillary HERE. And check out this cool VIDEO
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Mark Agnew climbs on the Annpurna 55km ultramarathon trail race. Photo: Flawsome Pictures
Learn More about Mark HERE and the SCMP Page. You also might be interested in his team's ocean rowing HERE
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Zoë Rom had a great birthday this year. She woke up and set out to run the 17-mile, 5400' ascent to Capitol Peak. Capitol Peak is one of the infamous "14ers" (peaks in Colorado over 14,000' elevation). It is a class 4 climb that is rated "high" in exposure, rockfall potential, and Route-finding. It is also know for the "knife edge" near the top. She had a good day and ended up setting the supported FKT in 5 hours 37 minutes.

Zoë is also the assistant editor at Trail Runner Magazine, runner, climber, coach and host of the new Trail Runner Magazine in-house podcast called DNF.

We talk to Zoë about her FKT and about how DNFs are successes that propel us to become better.

Check out Zoë's coaching website

Photos by TJ David

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Earlier this summer Adam Kimble broke the supported FKT (fastest known time) on the 171-mile circumnavigation of the Tahoe Rim Trail in 37 hours 12 minutes. The Tahoe Rim Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that forms a loop around the Lake Tahoe Basin in the Sierra Nevada and Carson ranges of California and Nevada in the United States. The trail ranges in elevation from 6,240 feet at the outlet of Lake Tahoe to 10,338 feet at Relay Peak in Nevada. Adam broke Killian Jornet's 2009 record by 20 minute. Adam is multi-talented: playing division 1 college baseball and won on the famous "The Price is Right" TV game show.

We speak to Adam about his recent accomplishment and the lessons he learned on his first attempt the year prior. We also learn about how he fuels for races and "palate fatigue"

Some of Adam's accomplishments include

  • Discovery Channel's "The Wheel" contestant
  • Winner of two self-supported multi-stage races
  • podium finisher at three 100-milers
  • 2016 ran from California to Georgia in 60 days
  • 2017 FKT running the length of Great Britain with Kris King

Learn more about Adam by checking out his web site and his coaching site, Run On Dirt Coaching

Adam's social channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

photos by Helen Pelster

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