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The Nation goes rogue and kicks it game show style.  We adapt the 1970's game show, "100,000 Pyramid" to create a trail running version.  Join Andy Jones-Wilkins, Carilyn Johnson, Warren Pole and Sally McRae as they go head to head giving and guessing trail running lingo.  We may have pulled some laughing muscles on this one.

You can also watch the video of the game show HERE.

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Your watch timer goes off.  It is time for another Salt Cap.  You come into an aid station and you are covered with a salty brine on your forehead.  It's time for some potatoes and salt.   How important is that salt in your training and racing?

Andy DuBois, one of Australia's top endurance coaches, joins The Nation to discuss Salt.  Andy is an accomplished elite endurance athlete including a top finish at UTMB and other wins.  He has a pedigree of certifications and is always on the cutting edge of research and coaching.

We talk about

  • Is there a correlation between cramping and low salt consumption?
  • What is important in monitoring salt levels?
  • What to worry about if we consume too much salt?
  • The placebo affect?
  • Will rinsing your mouth with a brine solution do anything?
  • What can we do to avoid cramping?
  • How to cool your body
  • How important is plyometrics in training?

Here is a link to our interview with Tim Noakes on his new book Waterlogged

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Internationally recognized sports psychology and coach, Dr. Jim Taylor, joins The Nation to discuss his recent four-part blog series of the Fear of Failure.  We discuss the most common fears of failure:

  • They will disappoint parents
  • friends will no longer like them
  • will be ostracized by their peer group
  • will experience embarrassment or shame
  • will be worthless people
  • all their efforts will be a waste of time
  • will experience the devastation of not achieving their goals.

He then explains how we can break out of these fears to reach "total success".

This is the second time Dr. Taylor has joined The Nation.  Here is his first podcast on how to deal with pain in an endurance event.

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Amy Albu is an ultra verteran.  Despite her youthful age, Amy has been running for 21 years and has 16 Mountain Masochist finishes to her name, including a recent 4th place in 2015.  She is also the women's leader in the Beast Series and one race away from setting a new women's record.

It is hard to believe, but in February 2014, she snapped her lower leg and ankle during a race.  We talk to Amy about her injury, surgery, recovery and return to running at an elite level.

Andy Jones-Wilkins is the executive producer and Tap Room host for this podcast.  He compares his diagnosed end-stage arthritis and current recovery from hip socket resurfacing surgery.

Need a good orthopedist?  Try AJW's Doc, Dr. Thomas Gross of Midlands Orthopaedic

Need a good Physical Therapist? Try AJW and Amy's PT, Eric Magrum at HealthSouth Sports Medicine and Rehab at the University of Virginia.

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December means a lot of things, for Ultra Runners it is the Lottery Season.  WS, Leadville, Hardrock and others.

With 3.515 people in the drawing and  nearly 250 slots open  Jimmy Dean throws a twist and challenges us to come up with reasons why we should be pleased if we miss  getting our ticket pulled.

Join WS runners Jennifer Benna, Katie Desplinter and Billy Yang as we wrestle this topic.

Jennifer Benna's Blog and the home of the film centered around the 2010 WS100 and the amazing race finish here at Journey Films 

Katie DeSplinter Blog here at Breaking & Excellent Points

Billy Yang Films .  You can find his Western Time film covering Sally McRae's attempt to land a top 10 finish.

Billy Yang's Film - From Squaw to Auburn the story of Billy's 2015 Western States 100 #WinADateWithBillyYang

Jimmy Dean Freeman, TRN SoCal Correspondent, Coach and lead Dog at So Cal Coyotes RunningJimmy Dean Freeman's Inspired Running Blog


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The Nation has no geographic boundaries, although it is easy to stay in our own "world".  Today Ultra Runner and Coach, Sondre Amdahl, joins The Nation to educate them on the world of ultra running.  Sondre is an elite runner and coach from Norway.  He recently finished 4th in the Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT).  Ian Sharman also joins as co-host to help us understand what this race is.  The Ethics of UTWT are

  • Equality in Sports
  • Self Respect
  • Respect for others and the environment
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Gia Madole began running ultras two years ago.  In 2014, she WON the Tahoe 200 mile endurance run and followed up by winning the Bigfoot 200-mile endurance run in August.  Gia joins The Nation to adapt your training and race strategy for a 200 mile race.

  • How much should you run weekly?
  • What pace?
  • Race strategy
  • How much should you sleep
  • Crewing?

Gia is a coach a G-Fit

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On November 7, 2015, Don Freeman toed the line of the 15th annual Rio Del Lago 100 Endurance Run on a whim, with a strong base and years of experience, but with little focused training.  He created a specific race day strategy and then executed the plan with the discipline of a seasoned Yogi.  Andy Jones-Wilkins, Sally McRae, and a surprise visit from Ann Trason join The Nation to find out how a plan and execution can help anyone looking to accomplish the extraordinary.

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Ultrarunning champion and coach, Ian Sharman, joins The Nation to announce his Golden Ticket Race Series of Western States 100 qualifying races.  We also explore the following:

  • U.S. Skyrunning Series
  • How to determine the right coach for you
  • Heart Rate training
    • Pitfalls to avoid
    • Judging your intensity
  • Keys to successful downhill running.
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Photographer, musician, ultra runner, dirtbag, 7-time Hardrock 100 finisher, Howie Stern joins The Nation to talk about

  • caring for your trail running dogs
    • hydration
    • dog pace
    • canine nutrition
    • verbal leash
  • how to dirtbag 101
  • trail / ultra photography
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Ultra Race Director and Covergirl, Candice Burt, joins The Nation for our first edition of our Audio Magazine.  Tune in to hear more about:

  • How to dress for wet/cold weather
  • "Where the Wild Things Are"
  • Time to Get Strong
  • Progressing from 100 milers to 200 milers

Check out:

Candice's Blog

Candice's Races

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Author, Nutritionist, endurance athlete and coach, Matt Fitzgerald, joins the Nation to talk about what motivates us and how to train our brain to push our limits to a higher level.  In his new book, "How Bad Do you Want It: Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle", he relates exciting stories of athletes that have pushed beyond their mental limits to achieve extraordinary results.   As Matt relates what recent studies in neuroscience has taught us and how we can incorporate that into our training.  This is all woven into a dozen heart-pounding stories of endurance athletes.

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Marty Dugard is a runner, he coaches the JSerra High School Running Lions Cross Country teams, and is a New York Best-Selling author of over 14 books.  So it made sense for him to put pen to paper and speak about something he is passionate about.  But he did it from a different angle than most.   His book "To Be a Runner doesn't refer to becoming a better runner - or even a runner at all.  It is about the process of seeking that better version of ourselves through the daily, mind-altering discipline of challenging personal limits."

Coach Dugard captures some of the essence of WHY we run: what motivates us, what hurts us, what drives us to wake up before the sun and race up a hill to reach a summit that cannot be seen with a headlamp.  If you are a runner, you will find a kinship with this book.  If you aren't a runner, you will understand why people run.

Keep Pushing...Always!

Check out his other books HERE

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The Ultra Race of Champions, UROC, is being held in Auburn, CA tomorrow.  This nomatic race is very unique.  We visit with race directors, Francesca Conte and James Gill, to find out more about this race and what they are creating.

For other races by Francesca and James, visit Bad to the Bone

Click here to register

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Dr. Phil Maffetone rejoins The Nation after the release of his new book, The Endurance Handbook: How to Achieve Athletic Potential, Stay Healthy, and Get the Most Out of Your Body.

Phil brews up a cozy cup of his fat-burning coffee (for non-coffee drinkers, try Phil's Shake) to talk about rhythm of music, life and its importance in efficient running.

Phil's Two-Week Test

Phil's Music Site

Five-Minute Power Break

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Warren Pole sits down with TRN  and reaches deep into the grab bag.  What do cat walks, crusty leather suits and ropes with knots doing on a podcast about trail running?  We do our best to tie it all together.

Article on Breathing

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Founder of Altra RunningGolden Harper, joins us to talk about how running injuries motivated him to innovate a different shoe and then begin a new shoe company that is competing against the giants in the business.  Golden knows something about running.  Between the ages of 10 and 14, Golden ran 5 marathons, debuting with a State Record 3:08 performance.  He followed that up with a 2:57 performance that was good for a National Best for age 11.  At age 12, he ran the St. George Marathon in 2:45:34, setting a world best.  In addition to competitive running, Golden grew up working in the family's specialty running store where he educated other runners on proper gait and fitting them in the correct running shoes.  Golden continued his passion by earning a degree in Exercise Science: Fitness & Wellness with a Business Management emphasis from BYU.  Golden tells his story of how he used his home toaster oven to delaminate traditional shoes and re-engineer them to help others prevent injuries.  Today Altra is one of the top shoes in the trail and ultra community.

Some of the first modified shoes they made:

First Ever Instinct Proto Jazzy Zero Jeremy's First Zero Drop Shoes

Kenyan Runner in Slow Motion

Anton Krupika video of running

Golden's Blog

Altra Running Blog

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Dr. Jim Taylor is internationally recognized for his work in the psycology of endurance sports. He has worked with several pro cycling teams, has been consultant to USA Triathlon, and has worked junior-elite, age-group, world class and Olympic athletes in cross-country sking, triathlon, cycling, swimming and running. 

Ian Torrence joins us as we discuss the time between the alarm and the gun on race morning.  We dig deep into Dr. Taylor bag of tricks for dealing with pain in a long run. 

Author of 14 books and over 750 articles Dr. Taylor's work can be found on his website at 


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Mike Wardian loves to run.  He loves to race.  He loves to compete.  He loves to test himself at different differences and types of races.  Mike just came off of his first 100-mile victory at Easter States 100.  When asked what his favorite distance is, he'll try to give you an answer but really never find one.  In 2014, Mike toed the line at 54 races, finishing in the top 10 at 44 of those.  He has won the US 50K championship three times and been the fastest at the US 100K championships.  In 2012, Mike ran 2:21 at the US Olympic Trials in Houston and turned around the next morning to run 2:31 at the Houston Marathon.

Join Mike on the virtual trail to discuss his passion for running and love for the community.

Mike is available as a coach and has openings now!  If you are interested EMAIL him.




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TRN has been fans of Ethan Newberry, the Ginger Runnerever since he began his entertaining gear reviews.  We finally sit down with Ethan to discuss his views on running, entertainment, and the trepidation of one's first 100-mile race.

Ginger Runner Video Channel

Chuck Norris Rap

Harry Potter Rap

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Why do ultrarunners keep going?  The pain says stop but the mind says GO!   Join Ann TrasonAndy Jones-Wilkins and Lee "Mac" McKinley as we discuss this topic in detail. 

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The prodigal daughter returns!  Faith is back in studio to discuss where she has been and the welcoming return to trail running.  At some point, we all take a break from trail and ultra running.  Why do we come back?  How do we come back?  Faith discusses her exploits into the Ironman and why she is coming back to the trails.

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When Andy Jones-Wilkins isn't pouring cold brew in his Taproom, you can find him at the highest profile races.  Recently returning from 2015 WS100 and Hardrock 100 he shares his trail side insight of the strongest runners in our sport including; Magda BouletRob KrarKilian Jornet and Anna Frost.   

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Even if you are less than 50 years old, you will find this podcast very educational.  Joe Friel is an endurance sports coach that has worked with athletes of varying levels up to elites.  He holds a masters degree in exercise science, is a USA Triathalon and USA Cycling certified coach that has written fourteen books on endurance including the subject of our podcast, "Faster After 50, How to Race Strong For the Rest of Your Life".  He is also the founder of Training Peaks, a web-based software company focused on endurance training.

We focus on

  • What are the endurance myths of growing older?
  • What actually happens to our body as we get older?
  • How can we mitigate these factors and train smarter to optimize endurance performance and slow Father Time?
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Sally Edwards is best-selling author, entrepreneur, professional triathlete, professional speaker, and iPhone app developer.  She was a pioneer in the inception of ultramarathoning, finishing in the top 3 at Western States 100.  She co-founded Fleet Feet Sports running franchise and the American River 50 mile Endurance Run.

Ultrarunning Magazine recently re-published an article that Sally wrote in 1983, "Ultramarathoning  - A dying Sport".  We invited Sally to Studio G to take a retrospective look at the sport and where it has come.

Sally is passionate about getting people healthy and moving.  Her recent venture is Heart Zones, a fitness technology and education company that uses smart devices with the vision to get America fit.

upbeatDownload the Upbeat App  an app that matches your music to your cadence.

HOMEWORK: We touched on a book that Sally wrote, "Be a Better Runner: Real World, Scientifically-proven Training Techniques that Will Dramatically Improve Your Speed, Endurance, and Injury Resistance".  She has promised to come back and discuss the gold nuggets with The Nation.


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Top athletes, Aliza Lapierre and Paul Terranova, join The Nation to discuss taper.  They are both in the middle of their taper for Western States 100.  We discuss why you should taper, how they do it differently and what to expect.


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Andy Jones-Wilkins joins Race Director of the Western States 100Craig Thornley  to discuss the 2015 course, the race, and who to watch.  As always, the gong accompanied this podcast.


Men's Preview

Women's Preview

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Candice Burt joins us to

Check out Candice's races at Destination Trail Running

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Jimmy Dean Freeman capped his 2014 running season by running SIX 100-mile endurance runs.  This weekend will be his first 100 miler since then.  He talks about his where he is physically, but more important emotionally and mentally.  He discusses his plan for running the San Diego 100 miler - his first time.

Check out the SoCal Coyotes

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We have often said, "The podcast is a trail run without the running."  

Join  Ann TrasonSally McRae and Billy Yang as we cover a lot of ground in 90 minutes.


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Sally McRae and Billy Yang were in Northern California for the Western States 100 training weekend as they are preparing for their race in 36 days.  So we bribed them with sushi to join us for a podcast.  We gave Sally the task of jotting down 5 topics on her flight.....and that's where it all begins.....

  • Massages
  • Self defense apparati
  • What animal are you most afraid of?
  • Sally's bear encounter.  See the video HERE
  • Strength training
  • Ann Trason as a coach!
  • etc. etc.

Take the boys as they forecast how many times Sally laughs - the answer will be revealed at the end of the podcast.

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Trail conversation with Don and Scott

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Travis Macy, professional ultra-endurance athlete, coach, teacher, husband and father of two joins us to talk about his new book, "The Ultra Mindset: An Endurance Champion's 8 Core Principles for Success in Business, Sports and Life".  This book is a set of simple principles for daily life that includes embracing fear, rewriting the stories we tell ourselves, and mastering the art of asking for help.

"We constantly send our kids -and ourselves- the message that if you struggle something is wrong.  If you're doing something right, it will feel nice and easy; it will be fun.  Struggle should be halted as soon as possible at all times because it will probably lead to suffering and, even worse, failure.  The problem with the message above is that it flies in the face of what we know to be the truth about learning and general process, namely, that if you never struggled, growth is almost impossible because lack of growth only shows complacency with in a comfort zone." - The Ultra Mindset

The book is available at most book outlets including Amazon and available to listen on Audible.

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Ryan Sandes joins us to talk about his recent FKT at Cape Town Table Mountain.  We talk about training, racing, mental toughness and how running can prepare us for life's challenges. And a host of other topics that happen when your sitting down and chatting with a runner for 60 minutes!

Find Ryans Website here at     




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Warren Pole joins The Nation to discuss the finer DOs and DON'Ts of Ultra Running.  We build on an article from Competitor Magazine, "Dos and Dont's From Top Ultramarathoners"  and an article from Outside Magazine, "Hal Koerner's Ultrarunning Commandments"

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John Hinds is the founder and owner of Cadence® Insoles. He has been involved in athletics since he was a kid and in search of the perfect insole ever since. For the last 22 + years he has been a physical therapist focusing on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, helping people get back on their feet as quickly as possible. John joins The Nation to answer some of these questions:

  • Who should use insoles?  Who shouldn't?
  • Who should go the the podiatrist?
  • Does my foot weaken and become dependent?
  • When can you use an over-the-counter insole?
  • Do they wear out?
  • Do I need to spend my whole paycheck to get good insoles?
  • How do insoles differ?
  • How are Cadence® Insoles different?


Get a 15% discount on Cadence® Insoles when you purchase on their online store and enter coupon code: TRN15

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One part of the Ultra 168 team, Marcus Warner, joins The Nation to discus an article they wrote.  Dan and Marcus reside in the drop bear capital of the world, Sydney, Australia.  They began the blog/website to share their passion for the trails and has evolved into a great resource for our community, wherever in the world you live.

Video of Marcus being chased by a bear on the Western States Trail.

Like them on Facebook

Follow them on Twitter

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The Nation has received some opposing views from our latest podcast, "You Can Help Save the Pacific Crest Trail".  Mike Miller, an environmental biologist and trail runner, joins us for a different view of the PCTA's recent stance on trail racing.


What do you think?

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 Candice Burt joins us to share the news and point us to the petition 

The Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) is lobbying and advising the USDA Forest Service to ban recreational events on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). If they succeed, no new trail running events nor growth of existing events will be allowed on the PCT.  Our existing trail running events could also be in jeopardy of receiving future permits.  Read about the PCTA's stance HERE

Please join The Nation by speaking out against this ill-advised policy by

  • Signing the petition that Candice Burt created
  • Consider posting on the PCTA facebook  page and commenting on their post about their stance with your opinion. The more we express ourselves, the more the PCTA and USDA Forest Service will understand our point of view and the size of the trail running community
  • Call Beth Boyst, the Pacific Crest Trail Administrator for the USDA Forest Service: (707) 562-8881 to express your concerns
  • Share your concern with your social media group and encourage them to stand with The Nation!

Right now the PCT is being threatened, tomorrow it could be your favorite trail or race! 



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Join Coaches Emily Harrison and Ian Torrence teach us why patience is important in Ultrarunning.  

Guest host is Sycamore:


If you are looking for a coach, they can be found at McMillan Running

You can read Ian's article, "Patience and the Ultramarathoner"

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Rob Rhodes joins The Nation to tell us about he biggest film festival for runners that is taking place all over the world!  The Trails In Motion is an annual international film tour that brings a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. Join like-minded trail runners and adventure sports enthusiasts at film festival-styled events in more than 25 countries.

You can find a screening HERE 

trails in motion


Rob also started and leads a group for trail runners in the San Francisco Bay area called the Bay Trail Runners

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Today is Pam Reed's 54th Birthday.  She celebrated by going on a 20-mile run and joining The Nation.  She has completed over 110 ultramarathons with a list of amazing accomplishments:


She recently finished The Arrowhead 135 that takes place in the coldest part of winter in the coldest city in the lower 48 states, Northern Minnesota).  The average finish rate is less than 50%.  She finished 15th overall and 2nd Female!

Pam joins The Nation to discuss how visualization has aided her to successfully completing over 110 ultramarathons.  She discusses how to step outside your comfort zone and attempt something hard.

Check out her interview with David Letterman

Direct download: Pam_Reed_54.mp3
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Ryan Green, Phd, ATC teaches us the steps you can take for a lifetime of running enjoyment.

Stuff we mentioned:  Candice Burt's 200/100 daily workout

Running Times Masters Runners 10-Minute Strength Circuit

Book, "Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul" by Stuart Brown

Contact Dr. Green at or visit his web site: Varsity Running

Check out Candice's amazing races at Destination Trail Run

Here is the Dr. Green's presentation we referenced: run for your life


Get 20% of your order at Injinji using the code: TRNation at checkout

Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl

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Coach Jimmy Dean Freeman joins The Nation to walk down memory lane.  34 years ago Ultrarunning Magazine published its first issue.  What has changed in the last 34 years?  You'd be surprised.

Take a look at the old issue HERE

JDF's dancing belt


Get 20% off your entire order at Injinji using TRNation code at checkout.

Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl

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Coach Greg McMillan, Mcmillan Running, joins the Nation to discuss how to peak, prepare and work through the inevitable freak out that we feel as we get close to race day.  His book, Surviving the Marathon Freak-Out, is a great handbook that the novice to experienced runner can use to help successfully prepare for your next race.


Check out the video of Dick and Rick Hoyt

Prefious Podcast with Greg:  Give it a Rest with Greg McMillan

Check out Candice Burt too!




Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl

Get 20% off your entire Injinji order by entering code: TRNATION at checkout (Valid in the U.S. only)


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Athlete, coach, nutritionist and writer, Matt Fitzgerald, joins The Nation again to discuss how the brain works in training, racing and athletic performance.  He discusses specific training programs that can help you can improve your performance.  Get his book, "Brain Training for Runners"

brain training

  • How is Brain Training different from mental training?
  • 2 Feedback loops: collective, objective and subjective
  • Periodization
  • The 2 walls
  • high intensity training during base training
  • 4 phases of brain training
  • how plyometrics can help your effeciency
  • Anticipatory Regulation

Learn more from Matt's new coaching portal at PEAR Sports

Matt's other podcasts with The Nation:

Matt Fitzgerald - The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel

Curing Folks of Diet Cult Brainwashing - Matt Fitzgerald



Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl

Get 20% off your entire Injinji order by entering code: TRNATION at checkout (Valid in the U.S. only)

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Jason Robillard is a writer, ultrarunner, recreational pro MMA fighter, occasional teacher, and running coach.  He has written a few books on ultrarunning including:

He joins Sally McRaeWarren Pole and the Nation to discuss the "Pulitzer Prize-winning" novel, "Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel: A trail running, ultramarathon and wilderness survival guide for weird folks"

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Running Naked
  • Boob wobble (and junk wobble)
  • How to get rid of annoying running partners
  • Qualities of good running partners



Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

Check out the cool head TORCHES made for trail running at Petzl


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Candice Burt joins us from Hawaii, where she is preparing for her third running of the HURT 100.   Faith Lehman (Goss) comes out of retirement to join in this not-so-heated debate about the pros and cons of being in a relationship with an ultra-runner.

Candice dating schem





Check out all of Candice's RACES including the second running of the Tahoe 200 and the brand new Bigfoot 200/120 race in the Pacific Northwest.

Candice runs for Ultimate Direction.



Take the Tailwind Challenge at: Tailwind Nutrition   

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Dr. Mark Cucuzzella joins us again to discuss:

  • Running a 50 mile run on minimal training
  • Racing for fun without stress
  • The Magic of Human Facia
  • Foam Rolling

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On your New Year's run, tune into Andy Jones-Wilkins and Ian Torrence as they reflect on the highlights and changes in trail running in 2014.  Topics include:

  • Where has shoe evolution gone in 2014
  • "Don't fool with Mother Nature"
  • Kilian's dominance
  • Ultra Runners of the Year vs. longevity
  • Ian's WS100 2015 training
  • Birth and rise of the 200-mile race
  • Changes in big race qualifications & how that drives changes in other races
  • Has our culture changed in 2014?
  • Growth of the sport
  • The rise of ultra coaches
  • The expansion of the trail running movies
  • 2015 predictions

You can get coaching from Ian at McMillan Running

You can get coaching from AJW via

AJW Race: Thomas Jefferson 100K

Ian Torrence Races: Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach 100 M

Gaspin' In the Aspen



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