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Sally Edwards is best-selling author, entrepreneur, professional triathlete, professional speaker, and iPhone app developer.  She was a pioneer in the inception of ultramarathoning, finishing in the top 3 at Western States 100.  She co-founded Fleet Feet Sports running franchise and the American River 50 mile Endurance Run.

Ultrarunning Magazine recently re-published an article that Sally wrote in 1983, "Ultramarathoning  - A dying Sport".  We invited Sally to Studio G to take a retrospective look at the sport and where it has come.

Sally is passionate about getting people healthy and moving.  Her recent venture is Heart Zones, a fitness technology and education company that uses smart devices with the vision to get America fit.

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HOMEWORK: We touched on a book that Sally wrote, "Be a Better Runner: Real World, Scientifically-proven Training Techniques that Will Dramatically Improve Your Speed, Endurance, and Injury Resistance".  She has promised to come back and discuss the gold nuggets with The Nation.


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