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Has your crew or pacer ever stretched the truth to get you to perform better?  Have you ever wondered if you could push yourself just a little bit more?  Matt Laye is an endurance athlete and PhD in medical physiology and an assistant professor of health and human performance at The College of Idaho.  In his recent article in Ultrarunning Magazine, Matt explains that our mental potential might still be underestimated.

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Here is the Working Memory and Spacial Attention Training Game

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Trail Runner, Model, film maker, adventure seeker, Whitney Powell joins The Nation for a rookie stab at our favorite podcast: Drop Bag. As you will see, she quickly passed us and lead the pack to a strong finish.  Don also brings a new spin to the podcast.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Funniest things you've seen on the trail
  • Fasted Runs
  • Prink, Haphazard, Doer
  • Pet Peeves
  • A "picture is worth a thousand words"
  • Music

You can hear Whitney on her podcast, Women In Sports Podcast (WISP) or after April 1st on Jimmy Dean Freeman's new podcast - stay tuned for more information.

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Photo of Whitney competing in the Antarctica Marathon.  for more adventure races go to

White Continent Marathon Finish

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We have done many podcasts regarding a low carb, fat-burning diet.  Sage Canaday joins The Nation to offer a counterpoint.  Sage Canaday is a world-class successful athlete that prescribes to a high-carb lifestyle.  Sage has been an ovo lacto vegetarian for most of his life and has transitioned into a traditional vegetarian with whole foods.  Find out how his experiment of one has fueled him to top performances and relatively little over-use injuries.

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Over the last few years, there have been a surprising increase in the number of films about trail running.  These films help capture the culture of our sport.  Film-maker, Myles Smythe and film festival organizer, Robert Rhodes join The Nation to speak about this phenomenon.  We are also graced by the always entertaining whit and wisdom of ultra running's only Andy Jones-Wilkins.

Join your trail tribe at an upcoming screening at one of the many Trails in Motion events.

Treat yourself to This Is Your Day, by Myles Smyth.  If you enter the coupon code, WeAreNation, you will receive a discount.

Join AJW at the Thomas Jefferson 100K on March 12, 2016

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The Sock Doc, Dr. Steven Gangemi, joins The Nation after expunging his socks and going barefoot.  We catch up with the Sockless Doc and talk about:

Link to Dark chocolate macadamia nut bark recipe

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  • Magic Moments
  • What's in a Trail Name?
  • Are We Loopy?
  • They're Always Stealing 'me Lucky Charms
  • The Dictator's Closet
  • How to Deal with a Running Rut
  • Pardon me, madam, but do you happen to have any Lime Gu?
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Our favorite British corespondent, Warren Pole,  joins The Nation to talk about nutrition and the small cottage industry he and some mates started.  33 Shake is high-nutrition food that deliver a difference you can feel.  Born from his desire to feel better and fuel more effectively, Warren discusses the low-quality of the many current sports nutrition products and how 33 Shake is different.

33 shakegel

And finally, it is available in the United States!  SHOP HERE If you enter the code, "TRN33" you will receive 10% off your order.

Their US tour is tentatively scheduled for:

April 1-30: West Coast
May 1-31: central USA
Jun 1-27: East Coast
If you want them to visit your running club, store, etc. please contact them and schedule a date:
Twitter: @33shake
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Dr. Mark Cucuzzella joins The Nation to help us understand the evolution of the American dietary guidelines.  We discuss:

  • What is Insulin Resistance and why is it important?
  • What is the best way to lose and maintain weight?
  • Does the calories in / calories out method of weight loss work?
  • How can your diet help you with your cholesterol levels?
  • How much does your genetic background play in your weight and health?
  • Can we manage risk factors for certain diseases by what we eat and manage insulin levels?
  • Can athletes have insulin sensitivity?

Please read Dr. Cucuzzella's article

Visit The Natural Running Center for a TON of additional information.

Check out Healthy Running

Dr. Mark's video on Principles of Natural Running



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The Trail Running Tribe is a unique community.  We are tied together by our shared experiences and the relationships formed from adversity and achievement.  

Stephen was a member of the trail-running group Wasatch Mountain Wranglers. An experienced ultra runner, completing distances from 50 to  200 Miles.  

He was also an experienced skier.  On Sunday January 31st  in Park City Utah,  Stephen went skiing and was caught in an avalanche.  He was located on Tuesday morning.  

We pay tribute to Stephen in this special podcast episode.  We encourage the Trail Running Community to meet up at the Trail Head Go Fund Me.   He is survived by a wife and two small children.

Read more HERE

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Zach Bitter's 402.5  laps around the track at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational held in  Phoenix AZ  in 11 hours, 40 minutes and 55 seconds is enough to capture the New American Record. Keep in mind, the record he broke was his own. 

Zach averaged a 7:00/mile pace.  This remarkable pace includes anytime needed to stop and refuel, gear change, problem solve and anything else that can pop up in 100 miles. 

Join co-hosts Ann Trason and Sally McRae as we talk about fast times, pure running, fat adapted athletes and much more.



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