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Change out of your spandex triathlete shorts and make sure you aren’t drinking during this podcast (you may find milk coming out your nose in a fit of laughter).  Warren Pole discusses three things that have been on his mind recently: Are Ironman Triathlons for pussies? (take note of Warren Pole’s image on this post) Aren’t injuries [...]
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Recount his observations while he was running the 2013 Boston Marathon His response to a recent study on barefoot running How to "live more and die less" Upcoming clinics Dr. Mark will be leading in the U.S.
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Max is not only a great runner and nice person, but he is also a student of the sport and coaches athletes. We couldn't turn down the opportunity to talk to him about his training, what he commonly helps athletes improve, and what he is personally working on to improve his running.
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John Burkett interviews runners from all walks of life and discovers that there are as many reasons WHY we run as there are people, come common threads that exist with all runners and that our reasons change with the different seasons of life.
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Sometimes when Don makes the schedule, there is a mix up. We recorded this one night when a guest didn't show up so we decided to just take about trail stuff. The truth is, we can't even remember what we talked about to put in this description! So listen up and find out :)
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Join Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman as we explore what we love and what we could live without on the trail. Ashley is nice. Scott is out of town and submits his list and appears as "Silent Scott" channeling his thoughts through Don. Jimmy streams organic wisdom from the trail gods. What's not to like? Apply a fresh Performance Enhancing Kokopelli to get the most out of this podcast.
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Warren Pole turns the table on Don, Faith and Scott and ASKS the questions!
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Pandora's Box turned out to be a bit larger than we thought. After an hour and 48 minute podcast we still have some more work to do. Join Ashley Walsh and Jimmy Dean Freeman as we discuss, "If you walk in your endurance run can you really really claim you ran the race?" Oh yeah, and JDF intro's the EPIC Bill Bradley into the mix.
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Ultra Running Veterans, Dana Gard and Steve Harrold share with us stories of who mentored them and how the sport of ultra running has changed.
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We had a great virtual run with Dr. Steven Gangemi, AKA cult leader, where we talked about many different things including the recent articles stating that running was bad for your health.
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